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At Trinity



Here at Trinity College we are committed to making a place where every member can thrive, whether they are a fresher navigating Michaelmas Term or a graduate student worried about their dissertation. There are several avenues of in-College support for students with any kind of problem. We can also help students make contact with further sources of support in the wider University, outside agencies, such as the college doctor & NHS and charities. 

During term students can book an appointment with a member of the Wellbeing team: Nicola Selway and Lynn Cross.

The Wellbeing team offers confidential support and advice for all manner of queries and personal or emotional issues. If more specialised help is required, we can refer or point you in the right direction whether via your GP, another Oxford University service, such as Disability Advisory Service (DAS), Oxford University Counselling Service (OUCS) or other local services.

Your wellbeing and confidentiality

Any information shared during wellbeing meetings is treated in the strictest confidence amongst the Wellbeing team and will not be divulged without your consent or co-operation. You can fill in a consent form here.

The Wellbeing team records information from student meetings which are stored electronically under GDPR rules for 7 years; you can read more about wellbeing confidentiality here:  Policy on Confidentiality and circulation of welfare related information.

Consent for data sharing agreement / GP registration form

All freshers should receive a GP surgery information pack (by email) prior to arrival which includes details of how to complete the GP registration forms and your college confidential data sharing agreement.



As a team we cover wellbeing 5 days a week from Monday to Friday:

Lynn Cross, Senior Wellbeing Advisor:

  • Mon to Thursday 9:00 to 3:00pm (0th week through 9th week)

Nicola Selway, Wellbeing Advisor: 

  • Mon: 9:30 to 5:30pm  (0th week to 10th week)
  • Weds: 9:30 to 5:30pm (0th week to 10th week)


Both remote (MS teams) and in-person appointments are available; please email the wellbeing team at to book.

Or book yourself one of our available slots Monday-Friday:

There are two types of appointments available - general or extended:

General appointments: 30-minute slots for discussions including:
•    Any general query
•    Mental health and well-being support
•    Disability or specific learning disability.
•    General support for worries, personal or emotional issues.

Extended appointments: 45-minute slots allowing more time to talk in confidence for any reason:
•    Mental health and well-being support
•    Disability or specific learning disability
•    General support for worries, personal or emotional issues

If your need is urgent, you can contact your GP surgery Summertown Health Centre on 01865 515552 or NHS 111. You can always contact the Wellbeing team or college nurse for follow-up support, but they are not urgent services.


Who's Who

We would encourage any student experiencing difficulties to seek confidential help, as soon as possible, from any member of the wellbeing team or from anyone in College they have a good rapport with.

We understand that University life presents, stressful challenges for students from backgrounds not usually represented at Trinity and Oxford. The College acknowledges that in our mostly white institution, the burdens of racism can be especially difficult to bear, and we encourage students struggling with those challenges to contact the wellbeing team on

There are many internal sources of support at Trinity, as well as other University sources of support. Learn more about the resources available to you on our Who's Who page or download the Who's Who poster.

Out of Hours

Wellbeing Support

Outside wellbeing hours

Please call the College Lodge on 79900 and ask for the on-call Junior Dean between the hours of 7pm and 7am.

Key contacts:

The Lodge:; 01865 279900

Onsite Female Junior Dean: Sarena Martinez:
Onsite Male Junior Dean: Zachary Oliver:
Offsite Male Junior Dean (Nunnery): Dylan Sherman:
Offsite Female Junior Dean (Rawlinson): Rowan Anderson:
Offsite Male Junior Dean (Staverton): Ngoni Mugwisi:
Offsite Female Junior Dean (Staverton): Olena Chervonik:

Call 111 – for NHS111, which offers 24-hour medical advice and urgent assessment out of hours.

Call 111, option 2 – for NHS First Response Service, which provides 24-hour access to mental health advice, support and treatment.

Call 999 for genuine emergencies (such as serious illness or injury); once you have phoned 999 please immediately inform the Porter's Lodge (79900) so, they can guide the ambulance crew to you.

GP registration

All Junior Members are strongly advised to register with an Oxford GP surgery Summertown Health Centre on 01865 515552. More information about health care is on the Your Health at Trinity page.

The 8 Pillars

Of Wellbeing

Developing a healthy routine of regular physical activity and eating nutritious foods are great ways to start improving your overall health. But true holistic wellness encompasses much more than just your diet and exercise. To achieve holistic wellness, it’s important to focus on the other areas of your health that aren’t as obvious. 

One way that you can do that is by using the 8 pillars of wellness as a framework for improving the elements of your health that you cannot see in the mirror. The 8 pillars of wellness are categories of wellness. By improving all of the 8 pillars of wellness, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a healthier and happier person.