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At Trinity

What Is


Wellbeing is thriving; and knowing it. 

When you need a listening ear, we hope you can reach out to anyone you are comfortable talking to at Trinity, including friends and tutors, confident they will listen and signpost you on if need. As a student you can also reach out to any member of the Wellbeing Team, whether you are worried about yourself or a friend. We can listen in confidence, provide help and support, and direct you to other services as appropriate in the college, university, NHS or beyond.

Confidentiality and your wellbeing

The Wellbeing Team treat your personal information with utmost confidentiality. We do not share your confidential details with each other or other departments unless you ask us to and there is a strict ‘need to know’. We always seek your consent and respect your wish to give or withhold it. The rare exception would be if your life, limb or wellbeing (or that of someone affected by you) were at serious risk and we needed to act in your (or their) best interests. Read more about this here:  Policy on Confidentiality and circulation of welfare related information.

Meetings and Consultations

Due to COVID-19, there are no drop-in appointments with the Wellbeing Advisor or College Nurse. Consultations are online on MS Teams, and booked by prior email. Where in-person assessment is indicated on clinical, wellbeing or disability grounds, arrangements will be made for you to be seen at an appropriate location.

The Wellbeing team

The interim wellbeing team coordinate wellbeing and welfare provision in college, providing guidance and support to individual students and helping shape college wellbeing policy. They can also be contacted about disability and safeguarding matters and support the Junior Deans in their wellbeing role.

The wellbeing team currently consists of Nicola Selway and Kerry Minton. You can contact them on the email Their availability is as follows, and they are both available for out of hours emergencies:

Nicola Selway, Interim Wellbeing Advisor: 

  • Mon: 9.30-5.30pm  
  • Weds: 9.30-5.30pm 

Kerry Minton, College Nurse and Interim Wellbeing Advisor: 

  • Mon: 9.30-3.45pm – College Nurse 
  • Tues: 9.30-1.30pm – Wellbeing Advisor 
  • Weds: 9.30-12.30pm – College Nurse 
  • Thurs: 9.30-12.30pm – College Nurse 
  • Fri: 9.30-3.30pm – Wellbeing Advisor 

College Nurse &

Wellbeing Advisor

Kerry Minton is a highly experienced nurse who advises, treats and supports any college student who is unwell, injured or in any other difficulty. If she cannot help you, she will refer you to someone who can. She is also a Wellbeing Advisor alongside Nicola Selway.

Kerry is available by appointment:



Nicola Selway is Wellbeing Advisor, working two days per week for the college. She has many years experience as a teacher, and more recently as the Inclusion Coordinator and Mental Health Lead at St Aloysius School. You can contact Nicola at or on the wellbeing email




Jonathan Totman is a professional clinical psychologist and staff member of the University Counselling Service. He is available to see Trinity students on a Monday. Jonathan works one-to-one and occasionally runs small groups and workshops on topics relevant to student mental health and wellbeing. He will be offering counselling sessions online, on MS Teams.

For more information, please contact Jonathan Totman at

The College Chaplain and

Equalities Fellow

The Revd. Dr Emma Percy is also the College's Prevent lead. Emma offers pastoral support to all members of the college whatever their faith or none and is trained in pastoral care. She can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 01865 279886.



The Junior Deans are senior postgraduates with recognised experience in student wellbeing and welfare support. They work to a duty rota out of hours (7pm-7am) and are trained first aiders. They provide first-response wellbeing support to students in college, offsite and onsite, and also oversee good order, liaising separately with the Wellbeing Advisor and the Dean in these roles. If you have urgent wellbeing concerns out of hours, please inform the Lodge who can put you in touch with the duty Junior Dean for support. The Junior Dean can help you access urgent advice and ensure your needs are followed up next day by the appropriate member of the Wellbeing Team.