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Degree Days

Update on degree ceremonies 

The University has now released dates for some degree ceremonies in autumn 2021. Trinity has only been allocated a small number of spaces and those students who are eligible have been invited to book. Further information will be made available to others who need to graduate, as soon as we can.  

Please contact Sarah Jenkinson for information. 


for your graduation

Trinity has a limited number of degree days each academic year.

Final-year students (undergraduate and postgraduate) are usually contacted by the University in Michaelmas term and invited to book a graduation ceremony using Oxford’s ‘eVision’ system. Research students will be invited once they receive Leave to Supplicate.

We realise that it is disappointing not to be able to register to attend a ceremony in person at present. However, the University is doing everything it can to ensure you get an opportunity to mark the occasion of your graduation, in spite of the pandemic. Further information will be shared as soon as it is available.  

Priority for spaces is given to current graduate and undergraduate students, so historic graduands have limited options for graduating in person. However graduating in absentia is very easy and is not limited to Trinity’s four 'in-person' ceremonies. There is no time limit by which a degree has to be taken.

Masters Degrees

Undergraduates of the College who have taken, or are taking, the BA, are eligible to take the MA (Oxon) in or after the twenty-first term from matriculation.

The cost of taking your MA is £40 and if you wish to attend the ceremony in person you will also have to hire a BA gown and hood and an MA gown and hood from a local outfitter at a cost of around £70.

Four year Undergraduate Masters degrees

Please note, former undergraduates who read for a four-year Masters degree (MChem, MPhys, MMath, etc) and who matriculated between 1993 and 1998, should check eligibility with the Development Office before booking to take the MA.


future dates

Dates in autumn 2021 have been advertised to those eligible. At the moment we do not have space for new in-person bookings if you were not booked on a cancelled ceremony or are not a finalist.  

It is still possible to take your degree in absentia at any ceremony whether or not Trinity is presenting candidates in person. 

If you wish to graduate in person or in absentia, please fill in the form and send to Sarah Jenkinson