Two students, one with a guide dog, sit on a wall in Trinity College.

Accessibility Support

At Trinity



Trinity aspires to be an inclusive community and we are committed to providing reasonable adjustments so that all students can participate fully in College life. The guiding principles underpinning procedures for supporting disabled students are set out in the University’s Disability Common Framework statement. Disabilities may be physical or mental, or Specific Learning difficulties (SpLDs) such as dyslexia or dyspraxia.

The University and College disability support staff work closely together following strict principles of student confidentiality, with student consent. 

You can contact the University Disability Advisory Services (DAS) directly. We strongly encourage you to discuss your individual situation with the DAS as soon as possible, for information, advice, assessment and support and, if appropriate, help to apply for a Student Disability Allowance. If indicated, the DAS will draw up a Student Support Plan (SSP) for you with recommendations to the college, university libraries and departments. This details your specific needs, which might for example include lecture recording, extra time for exams, mentors or SpLD tutors, and equipment for study or personal needs.  

Trinity’s Disability Link Advisor and Deputy Director of the DAS, Helen Young, can be contacted directly:

Disability support at Trinity College

The College Disability Lead and Coordinator is the Wellbeing Advisor.

The Wellbeing team liaises with the Disability Advisory Service and relevant colleagues as needed. Please contact her early on if you have disability requirements so that appropriate support can be put in place for academic, library, and accommodation needs.

Academic adjustments are put in place by the Undergraduate and Tutorial Administrator, (, and the Graduate and Academic Administrator, ( College Library needs are managed by the Librarian ( Accommodation, personal and other potential college adjustments are implemented by the Accommodation Manager ( All are happy to be approached directly.

The JCR Disabilities Rep, Olviya Silvary, can be contacted at
For information about accessibility in college buildings and key accessibility information, please download the college accessibility guide. For a detailed summary of accessibility in college accommodation you can consult the college accommodation accessibility guide. Both documents are up to date as of July 2020, thanks to the JCR Disabilities Rep.

Alternative examination arrangements

If you wish to apply for alternative examination or assessment arrangements, we strongly recommend you do so as soon as possible. The DAS can advise on applications for disability-related alternative arrangements. If you need to apply for alternative arrangements due to injury or illness, please contact the Undergraduate and Tutorial Administrator, (, or the Graduate and Academic Administrator, Ashley Maguire. (