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Your Health

At Trinity

Your Physical and Mental Health

And Wellbeing

For current medical advice or guidance about coronavirus, see the college COVID19 pages or the University’s health advice pages:

If you're in residence in College and have possible Covid-19 symptoms, have already tested positive or you've been contacted by NHS Test and Trace please:

  • Get tested if you haven't already at The Early Alert service.

  • For further advice and support, contact the College Nurse or Wellbeing team.

If you would like more information please refer to current NHS advice and GOV.UK guidance.

Medical Care at Trinity is provided by the College Nurse, Chris Smith, and the College Doctors, Dr Kyle Knox and Dr Hannah Peters. All are highly experienced professionals in community-based primary care and can refer you to hospital care (called secondary care) if needed. 

Urgent need? You can contact your GP surgery Summertown Health Centre on 01865 515552 or NHS111.

The College


The College Nurse, Chris Smith, is available by appointment to advise, treat and support any college student who is unwell, injured or in any other difficulty.  If she cannot help you, she will refer you to someone who can.

During term students can book an appointment with the Trinity College Nurse by emailing

Chris is a health professional (RN) with many years of experience and training, particularly supporting students with a wide range of health and wellbeing needs, within the Oxford University environment.

The College Nurse offers confidential assessment, support, and advice for:

  1. minor illness and injuries,
  2. wound care,
  3. mental health and wellbeing issues,
  4. sexual health and contraception advice,
  5. general health advice,
  6.  general support for all manner of worries and personal or emotional issues.

If more specialised help or treatment is required, Kerry can refer or point you in the right direction whether via your GP and/or other local services.

Clinic times

Appointments are available on weekdays during term:

Monday 9:00 - 12:00am (remotely)

Wednesday 1.45pm - 5:45pm (in college)

Thursday 1.45pm - 5:45pm (in college)


Both remote (MS teams) and in-person consultations are available; there are two types of slots available - general or extended. 

General appointments30-minute slots for assessment or advice including:

  • Minor illness or injury
  • Wound care
  • Longer-term medical issues 
  • Any general / clinical health query
  • A shorter, preliminary appointment prior to follow up (eg for mental health and wellbeing support).

Extended appointments45-minute slots allowing more time to talk in confidence for any reason, including:

  • Mental health and well-being support
  • Longer-term health or medical issues
  • Disability or specific learning disability.
  • General support for worries, personal or emotional issues


Any information shared during consultations is treated in the strictest medical confidence and will not be divulged without your consent or co-operation link confidential statement /consent form

The College Nurse records information from student consultations, which are stored electronically via the GP Electronic Medical Information Service (EMIS). This is linked via Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust to your GP surgery and becomes part of your medical record.

The College


The College Doctors, Dr Kyle Knox and Dr Hannah Peters, are based at Summertown Health Centre (SHC) in North Oxford, to which the college is linked. Registration information is provided to students in their Fresher’s pack, and the college nurse can help with your registration if needed.

College Doctors Surgery (dedicated to Trinity Students): Surgery appointments take place on Wednesdays from 10.30 to 12.30 (0th - 8th week) 

To arrange an appointment for the College Doctors’ Surgery: please email Kerry, the college nurse at (, who triages and then books the appointments as appropriate.  
To arrange a Consultation with the College Doctors at other times, for advice or treatment:

Please contact SHC Reception, on: 01865-515552, or start an online consultation here:

Prescriptions can be requested either by the surgery’s online services via the website using the e-Consult form or by emailing your request to Your prescription can be sent electronically to a pharmacy local to you. If the Doctors have not sent a prescription for you to that pharmacy before, please let us know its name and postcode and allow 72 hours to process.

Emergencies and

Out of Hours Advice

Accidents and emergencies (serious illness or injury) 

  • Outside College: Call 999, then the Porter's Lodge on 01865 279900 to let them know.
  • Inside College: Call the Lodge: 01865 279900 to arrange an ambulance directly to your location.

If you aren't sure whether or when to call 999, consult this advice:

Out of hours urgent NHS advice

Outside college clinic hours, please contact your GP at Summertown Health Centre on 01865 515552. 

If you need urgent medical advice outside normal GP surgery hours (or think you need to see a doctor urgently), please phone 111 for 24-hour medical advice and urgent assessment. Your call will go to an NHS team of advisers who can give you healthcare advice and may direct you to an out-of-hours GP for further advice or an appointment, or to other medical services.

For 24-hour mental health advice, support and treatment, call 111, option 2 for the NHS First Response Service.

For more information, please see  

You can also try the urgent NHS Mental Health Advice Line (Oxfordshire): 01865 904997