A male and a female student sit during a tutorial; their tutor gestures at a reading list while they look at their computers.

Trinity College



Your Future

Deciding what subject to study at University and where to do so is an exciting step. You will probably be asking questions like: Is Oxford for me? What is it like to study here? Will I enjoy being at a college like Trinity?

We recommend you start by having a close look at the relevant department webpages at Oxford to find out how your course is organised and taught. These broad course details will be the same for your subject at every college. Our Trinity subject pages then explain how our tutors approach the course and what will be special about studying it at Trinity. All our tutors are passionate about their subjects, and very committed to Oxford’s special tutorial system. In our living and studying section, we’ll help answer other important questions, with information about accommodation, food, facilities and social life, as well as the wellbeing and  financial support on offer.

Whether you're just beginning to think about University, you're weighing up coming to Oxford or you've definitely decided to apply, our aim is to give you a taste of what it's like to study at Trinity.

Teaching and Learning

At Trinity

Trinity is a community where academics work on topical and world-leading research, and bring their passion and expertise to teaching students. Professor Ian Hewitt is one of our Tutorial Fellows teaching undergraduates in Maths; he talks about his research modeling ice sheet melting and what he brings to his tutorial teaching at Trinity. 



At Trinity, our ambition is for our community of students, academics and alumni to bring their talents to make a positive impact on the world. We are a college with a great central location and a site whose front quad is visible from the street. Being outward-looking is core to our values as well: we encourage openness and engagement: with each other in college, with the wider university, with the local community, and with the world at large. Trinity is progressive, dynamic, supportive and welcomes everyone. We want to reflect and support the widest diversity of talent: whatever your background, we think you will find your place and feel at home in our community.

The environment in which our academics research and teach, and our students grow and excel academically, is a caring one; everyone is an individual and we value their wellbeing. We are committed to ensuring that the best of the Oxford experience is accessible to anyone with the potential to thrive here – and with an outstanding group of academics across all career stages, a  gorgeous central site, renowned dining hall food, and generous financial support for our students, you will be able to experience the best of what Oxford has to offer.

Choosing Your


Studying at university is an intellectual commitment which you will relish if you choose a subject you love. Your degree will also open up lots of career paths, including new ones which you won't have considered before. We have students who studied Politics and now work in research; Chemistry and now work in renewable energy; Modern Languages and now work in international interpreting. We hope you'll have a look at our course pages to find out more about the range of our courses and where you can find more information.

Living & Studying

At Trinity College

A college at Oxford is central to your life at Oxford. You’ll have a college room to live in, and you’re likely to make some of your close university friends here too. Networks help you adjust to University life and succeed at Oxford and beyond.


An Application

Whether Oxford is near or far away from where you live, you'll find it’s a friendly and welcoming city. Trinity will give you the confidence to make the move away from home to university. You’ll find yourself soon settling in, making friends and enjoying your studies as others have too.  In no time, Oxford will feel as much part of you as Aberdeen, Belfast, Cardiff, Ilford, Sheffield, Truro... or any of the other 143 villages, towns, cities (and 27 countries, from Bulgaria to Indonesia, from Canada to Singapore) that our undergraduates come from today.  We invite you to take a look at how to apply.