A view of Trinity College's Front Quad and chapel tower through its open front gates.


Present and Future

At Trinity, our ambition is for our community of students, academics and alumni to bring their talents to make a positive impact on the world. As an institution, we similarly want our footprint on the world to be a positive one, and the goal of being a college that is both open, and open to all, underpins our values and approach as we move forward with a series of significant new developments to our college site and operations.


Present and Future

Building on our unique history and role as part of the University of Oxford and its mission of advancing education, learning and research, we aim to:

  • Empower our academics to make a distinctive contribution to the pre-eminence of the University of Oxford as an internationally-renowned research and teaching institution

  • Strengthen the bridges between our different academic communities and promote a culture that is collaborative, supportive and interdisciplinary

  • Celebrate the diversity of our community and actively embed the values of equality, inclusivity and respect into how we operate in all aspects of college life

  • Achieve a student intake that is truly representative of the UK’s talent and potential, and support the aspirations and achievements of young people through our work with schools, teachers and organisations aiming to further social mobility through education

  • Continue our tradition of being outward-looking by welcoming the public and local community to benefit from our resources

  • Ensure we are as sustainable as possible in our operations and make a positive contribution to the quality of our environment

  • Promote a supportive community in which wellbeing and a healthy work/life balance helps our students and staff to achieve their full potential            

We are already making significant strides in many of these areas, including:

  • Investing in a new building with facilities that will enhance the quality of life and academic experience for all our members, and enable us to reach out to schools, the general public and the international academic community

  • Increasing the number and proportion of our UK undergraduates from state schools (and under-represented backgrounds at Oxford) to over 68% in 2020, compared with just over 50% five years ago

  • Initiating a race and inclusivity action plan to ensure that every member of the Trinity community feels welcome, empowered and supported   

  • Enhancing our college Wellbeing team and resources, including spaces available for relaxation, exercise and wellbeing in our new facilities

  • Agreeing and implementing a college sustainability strategy and policy, which aim to embed sustainable practices and minimise our environmental footprint, which has led to a Silver Award in the University's Green Impact scheme for 2020

The Levine


The Levine Building provides world-class facilities for teaching, residential accommodation, public outreach and social activity. Read more about the project and how it is transforming Trinity's academic facilities, social spaces and physical access.


At Trinity

Read more about our initiatives to embed sustainable working and awareness of our environmental impact into college life. 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

At Trinity

Trinity College is committed to fostering an inclusive culture which promotes equality, values diversity, and maintains a working, learning, and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all its staff and students are respected. 

Trinity College

Outreach and Access

We want our college to reflect the widest diversity of talent and we are committed to ensuring that Oxford is accessible to anyone with the potential to thrive here, regardless of their background or prior educational experience. The participation of so many of our students and staff in our outreach activity says much about our commitment to seeking out and supporting talented young people who have the ability to succeed at the highest level.