The Trinity Chapel tower lit up at night.

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The college was founded in 1515 by Sir Thomas Pope and is set in the very heart of Oxford city centre. Trinity College offers facilities in the perfect location and surrounded by history dating back hundreds of years.

Durham Quad is the oldest quad in the college, and where you will find the Dining Hall. Trinity is well-known for outstanding food and our chefs are passionate about serving the finest dishes. In Durham Quad, you will also find the seventeenth century Chapel, which is the only chapel in Oxford to contain the tomb of the college founder: Sir Thomas Pope.

Our meeting facilities are beautifully located with views of the quads and gardens. All meeting rooms are positioned within close walking distance to the Dining Hall making it convenient when scheduling breaks and meals.

The bedrooms are located across the historic main site of the college, featuring beautiful views over the grounds. Bedrooms are in staircases close by to the Dining Hall providing a lovely morning stroll to breakfast.

Our dedicated team at Trinity are here to ensure you have the best experience and look forward to welcoming you.