Snowdrops on the lawn at Trintiy with a group of students in the background.


At Trinity

Your Wellbeing


The wellbeing of our students is our top priority at Trinity. Your health and wellbeing work together to help you thrive and develop your full potential – academically and personally. Meet your team of professionals and peers in college and beyond, who can support and advise you during your time at Oxford. All concerned in student welfare respect confidentiality.

Our Wellbeing are team are here to listen; if we can't help, we will find someone who can, whatever the circumstance:

  • If you are worried about your health or wellbeing
  • If you feel you're not coping and don't know who to turn to for support
  • If you need help managing your access or disability needs, or long term conditions
  • If you are lonely, homesick and need a listening ear
  • If you are overwhelmed by questions of life, the universe and everything in between
  • If COVID-19 is making any of the above worse

Please note: due to COVID-19, there are no 'Drop in' appointments with the Wellbeing Advisor or College Nurse. Consultations are online on MS Teams, and booked by prior email. Where ‘in-person’ assessment is indicated on clinical, wellbeing or disability grounds, arrangements will be made for you to be seen at an appropriate location.

COVID-19 information and support:

Trinity COVID-19 information pages

Oxford University COVID19 student pages



Emergency (immediate) medical or mental health care anywhere: call 999
If you are in college, please call the Lodge: 01865 279900

College Wellbeing team:

College Nurse: Kerry Minton (; 01865 279915)

College Doctors: Dr Kyle Knox and Dr Hannah Peters, Summertown Health Centre (01865 515552 or

College Counsellor: Jonathan Totman (

Police non-emergency (101):