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With Jules

Gluten and Dairy-Free Chocolate Brownie

With Chocolate Sauce, Raspberries and Salted Caramel Ice Cream

For a delicious vegan meal, serve with falafel with harissa-spiced coriander mayo, sumac and baby leaf salad and BBQ tempeh with jewelled quinoa and teriyaki-glazed green beans.


For the chocolate brownie:

  • 30g Ground flaxseed mixed with 90g lukewarm water
  • 200g Vegan dark chocolate buttons or vegan chocolate bar roughly chopped 
  • 60g Filtered water
  • 2g Good quality coffee granules
  • 80g Vegan margarine    + extra for greasing the baking tray
  • 125g Gluten-free self-raising flour
  • 1g Baking powder
  • 70g Ground almonds
  • 50g Cocoa powder
  • 1g salt
  • 250g castor sugar
  • 8g Vanilla extract

For the chocolate sauce (makes around 800ml):

  • 200g Vegan dark chocolate buttons or vegan chocolate bar roughly chopped 
  • 250g Unsweetened soya milk
  • 50g Coconut cream
  • 30g Tahini
  • 30g Maple syrup
  • 25g Cocoa powder
  • 5g Vanilla extract

To finish:

  • 4 squares chocolate brownie
  • 200ml chocolate sauce
  • 16 raspberries
  • 4 scoops vegan salted caramel sauce
  • Cocoa powder in a sieve to dust


  • Make the brownies: Pre-heat the oven to 170 C, 150 C for Fan or Gas Mark 4. Line a 20cm square baking tin with vegan margarine and/or silicone paper.            
  • Meanwhile in a pan melt 120g of the chocolate with the filtered water, coffee granules and margarine over a low heat, do not boil! Allow to cool slightly then beat in the castor sugar ensuring it is fully incorporate then add the flaxseed mixture and the vanilla extract.                        
  • In a bowl, mix the flour, baking powder, almonds, cocoa powder and salt. 
  • 4. Whisk the flour mix into the chocolate mixture to a smooth batter then add the remaining chocolate. Pour the batter into the prepared tin.
  • 5. Bake for around 30 minutes or until a skewer or fork inserted in the middle comes out clean. Allow to cool in the tin then remove and cut into equal squares. Store in an air-tight container and eat within three days.
  • Make the sauce: In a pan place the soya milk, coconut cream, maple syrup and cocoa powder; gently bring to a simmer and whisk to bring all ingredients to a smooth liquid. Add the chocolate, the tahini and the vanilla extract and whisk until smooth. Serve immediately or cool and keep in the fridge until needed – it will set but you can gently warm it up again before serving.
  • Plate up the dish: Lightly warm the brownies and the chocolate sauce. Lay out four serving plates. Use a dessert spoon as a template and sieve the cocoa powder over the spoon. Place four raspberries at the top of the plate. Place the scoop of salted caramel ice cream on the right-hand side of the plate. Drizzle some warm chocolate sauce at the bottom of the plate and finish with the warm chocolate brownie.