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We welcome applications to Trinity College from prospective students from all backgrounds. Applications to Trinity College Oxford for undergraduate degrees, including from applicants already holding a first undergraduate degree, must be made through UCAS.

The formal application process is the same whether you are applying to Trinity or any other undergraduate college at Oxford. All applicants to Oxford University are required to:

  • Submit a UCAS application by 6pm on 15 October. The next round of applications (closing date 15 October 2024) will be for entry in October 2025. It is no longer possible now to apply for undergraduate entry for October 2024, as the UCAS deadline of 16 October 2023 has passed.

  • Check if they are required to sit an admissions test and have registered for the test by 6pm on 15 October.

  • Check if they are required to submit written work and submit their work by 10 November to the admitting college.

Detailed information on specific requirements and the timeline for applications are given on the University of Oxford undergraduate admissions webpages and you can download a timeline guide to the Oxford admissions process here.

For information about organ and choral scholarship arrangements, please see Organ and choral scholarships. Trinity appoints an organ Scholarship approximately ever other year. Choral scholarships are not awarded until our students join us, in the October of their first year, and are open to all incoming students at that time. 

UCAS application

All applicants must submit an online UCAS application form. Applications open in September, so you can give yourself plenty of time to work on them. There is a strict submission deadline of 6pm (UK time) on 15 October 2024 for courses starting in 2025 (or for deferred entry in 2026) via UCAS. This is also the deadline for (separately) registering for all admissions tests besides the LNAT.

UCAS have created a useful guide to filling in your form here.

For more detailed information on applying to Oxford via UCAS, see the university’s admissions pages guide to the UCAS application.

Admissions tests

Most – but not all – courses require applicants to sit a subject admissions test; it is your responsibility to register on time by getting your test candidate entry number from your school or test centre as proof of entry by 6pm on 15 October 2024.

To check whether the subject you’d like to apply for requires an admissions test, check the university admissions guide to tests: admissions test(s)

This year’s tests will take place between 21-31 October 2024. 

Our Trinity YouTube channel has a host of videos about life in college and the admission process, including an explanation of what to expect from the subject tests.

Written work

Many courses ask candidates to submit one or more pieces of written work as part of their application. The deadline for submitting this work in November 2024 will be posted nearer the time.

All courses list whether written work is required on the course pages on the University’s website; you should also consult the guide to submitting written work on the admissions pages.


For courses starting in October 2025, admissions interviews will be held in December 2024. Further guidance will be provided by the University in due course.

Shortlisted candidates are likely to have at least two interviews, often at more than one college.

The interview is designed to assess your academic potential. Tutors are looking at your critical thinking skills, your ability to think independently and engage with new ideas. They are interested in your motivation and intellectual curiosity, rather than model answers.

The University’s admissions pages has a host of interview resources including:

  • A guide to the interview process and how to prepare

  • Example interview questions with explanations from real admissions tutors

  • Video and podcast resources on what to expect at interview

Our Trinity YouTube channel has a host of videos about life in college and the admission process, including a guide to interviews featuring some of our current students and tutors.


Shortlisting decisions will start from mid-November 2024. Candidates for October 2025 entry will be told whether or not their application has been successful in early January 2025. 

For more on what happens when you receive your offer, see the university admission pages.


Feedback on admissions decisions should be requested from college before 15 February in the year after the application was made. The college does not share feedback with anyone other than the applicant.

For further guidance on requesting feedback, see the university admissions pages.