Lecturer in Mathematics

Sinéad Hofmann

  • I completed a PhD and postdoc at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, but my real passion is teaching.

  • Before coming to Trinity I was a lecturer at Northeastern University, Boston. I first taught in Trinity in 2013 and, after a family break, returned in September 2019.

  • I love the tradition of small group tutorials at Oxford. The relaxed atmosphere encourages questions and discussion and it’s a real pleasure to interact with students in this setting.

  • When not teaching at Trinity I enjoy spending time with my two lovely children!

Sinéad Hofmann


At Trinity I teach first- and second-year undergraduates, with a focus on Pure Mathematics. Most recently, I have taught Linear Algebra to second-year students, and both Group Theory and Multivariable Calculus to first years.

Dr Hofmann