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Aimed at teachers from state schools and colleges in Oxfordshire and the North East of England, our next programme of CPD sessions is due to begin with a choice of two dates In February.

The 2021 programme will be delivered in a series of live online workshops. We aim to make it as easy as possible for colleagues to participate, and to meet other teachers in a similar position who are seeking to support students in making successful applications to competitive universities, with a particular focus on the University of Oxford.

We invite colleagues to take part in the programme regardless of their school’s current level of pupil progression to top universities, including Oxford. And we particularly welcome teachers for whom the UCAS process is brand new, who have little experience of supporting pupils through the HE application process, applying to the Russell Group or the University of Oxford.

Through the programme, we aim to break down the different aspects of university applications and help colleagues to see that whilst each individual element such as the personal statement or an interview is important, it is part of an overall assessment made by university admissions tutors – each element of which we hope to make more transparent and easier to navigate.

The course offers practical advice to those supporting applications: What is that universities really want from a teacher reference?  How can a student best prepare for something challenging like an Admissions Test?  What are universities looking for in interviews, and how can I help my students look forward to them and prepare practically? 

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Online Programme


The programme will begin with Session 1: An introduction to University of Oxford and the admissions process. There is a choice of two dates available: either Monday the 1st February or Thursday the 4th February at 16:15.

The programme will then continue into the autumn term, with each session placed at an appropriate moment in the admissions cycle:

  1. Supporting students through the process of writing a competitive personal statement
  2. Writing the UCAS Teacher Reference, what top universities are looking for
  3. Relevant enrichment activities for pupils, enhancing future academic success
  4. University Admissions tests, supporting pupils to prepare
  5. The interview –supporting your pupils to prepare

Teachers will receive an e-certificate of attendance for each session attended and those completing the whole course of sessions will receive a display certificate of attendance from Trinity College in recognition of this achievement.

To sign up and/or register your interest please complete this short form at Trinity College Oxford Teacher CPD programme 2021 registration