A student studies among a pile of books and folders with a bookshelf in the background.



Why Enrichment is

Important (at Oxford)

There are myriad ways in which young learners can access super-curricular enrichment, from early on in Primary school, and we hope this begins a life-long learning journey continuing through school and well beyond it. Some learners express a love of learning, and the pleasure of seeing this enjoyment may be instrumental to many of us, in wanting to teach and support learning, whether in primary school, secondary school, in Higher Education and Adult Education.

We hope you enjoy reading examples of super-curricular engagement as outlined by our staff and students in these pages.


Digital Hub

The main Oxford website has a range of inspiring digital learning materials. There are learning tools for younger students and their parents, resources for older students and guidance for teachers.



This bank of enrichment resources has been compiled by current Trinity students with their recommendations of resources  that will help prospective students expand their knowledge and broaden their perspective.


Beyond the Classroom

Trinity’s postgraduate students and academics are offering supercurricular enrichment to secondary and sixth-form students at state schools as part of a new series launched by the college’s Access team. 

Trinity Beyond the Classroom sees a college academic or postgraduate deliver an interactive teaching session online, with a mix of topics ranging from the politics of Brexit and the future of plastics to the sequencing of the human genome and Virginia Woolf’s modernism. You can access the most recent talks on our YouTube playlist below.