An aerial view of the project site for the Trinity College Levine Building, with lots of construction machines on the ground.

Levine Building

Project Gallery

We hope you enjoy the updates showing the process of transforming the college as the Levine Building project is underway. Please visit the project news and updates pages for more detailed updates. 

November – December 2021

Construction Complete

As the year draws to a close, so too does the construction of the Levine Building. The majority of the works are completed by mid-December, giving the college time to prepare for the arrival of the building’s first occupants in early January 2022.  Further works will continue, as planned, into 2002, with the building scheduled to open fully later in the year.

August – October 2021

Nearing Completion

The interior of the building really begins to come together over the late summer.  Outside, building materials and machinery are cleared from Library Quad to make way for a raised lawn, and a newly constructed greenhouse takes pride of place in the gardeners’ area.

Site Visit and Tour

The progress made in the construction of the Levine Building is shown in this site tour video from October 2020. 

May – July 2021

A Glimpse into the Future

As the academic year draws to a close, work on the building continues apace and there is a real sense that the project is nearing completion (although there is still some way to go!)

December 2020 – April 2021

The Transformation Begins

Work on the roof, windows and stone facings take place over the winter months.  The inside of the building also starts to take shape. 

November 2020

Topping Out

The entire concrete structure stands at full height. To mark the occasion, a small ‘Topping Out’ ceremony is held, during which the JCR and MCR Presidents put in the last stone at the top of the building.    

June to August 2020

The Levine Building Takes Shape

Over the course of the summer, work on the teaching rooms, student bedrooms, cafe and auditorium progressed rapidly. 

May 2020

Delivery of the Crane

After a brief lockdown stoppage with the arrival of coronavirus, the site work continued anew and a giant crane arrived from Italy to help lay the foundation work for the building.

November 2019

Oxford Archaeology Excavation

The team at Oxford Archaeology have been involved from the early stages of this project to ensure that important archaeological evidence is thoroughly excavated, recorded and reported on.

Demolition of the

Cumberbatch Building

This video shows the progress of the demolition of the Cumberbatch Building between August and October. Going at breakneck speed, it shows just how much has been achieved in just a few months.

April to July 2019

Removal of the Stuart Gates and Lawn Pavilion Installation

The installation of the new temporary Lawn Pavilion involved closing off sections of Parks Road overnight and craning the building parts over the Stuart Gates. The new building will be in situ for three years.

February 2019

Tree Clearing in the Wilderness

The first significant preparatory works for the Levine Building began with the felling of a number of trees in the Wilderness to enable access and construction.