A bride and groom walk into the Trinity College chapel during a wedding service.

Weddings and



Wedding services can be conducted in the College Chapel according to the rites of the Church of England for Current or Old Members of the college. As the Chapel is not a parish church, these weddings require an Archbishop’s Special License. The Chaplain has the necessary forms and can explain the application process. The application process takes time, so it is advisable to begin as soon as a date has been agreed by the college and Chaplain.

Timings of weddings depend on the availability of the registers which are used by a number of college chapels. Dates for weddings need to be agreed with the Chaplain and the Conference and Functions Administrator. If the couple wish the service or part of the service to be conducted by a Church of England priest other than the Chaplain, that priest must write to the Chaplain before the licence is applied for.

The Chapel is not in legal terms an ecumenical chapel so it is not possible to have wedding services according to the rites of denominations other than the Church of England.  It is possible to have a service of blessing after a civil marriage according to the rites of another denomination. This would need to be discussed and agreed with the Chaplain.

Currently under both Church and English law, it is not possible to conduct a legal wedding service in the chapel where both parties are the same sex. Couples who would like a service of blessing in the chapel after a civil ceremony are welcome to discuss this with the chaplain. We aim to be as welcoming and inclusive as we can be.

Wedding image courtesy of Martin Beddall Photography.


Parents are encouraged to have their children baptised in a local church where the family can become regularly involved.  However, we know that sometimes families are not permanently settled and wish to have a service in a place that they feel a deep connection to. Baptisms of current members' children can take place in the Chapel and we occasionally hold services of baptism for the children of Old Members.  Please contact the Chaplain for more information.