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Online Outreach

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Online Outreach

In response to COVID-19 restrictions, we promptly moved as much of our student outreach online as possible. Having had some exciting success with this, we intend to continue to offer virtual sessions for individual students and for schools where this is more practical than in-person sessions.

Recorded Sessions

We have recorded our stock information sessions for all year groups, more details can be found below. We’d love for as many students as possible to have access to these recordings so, whether you are a student or a teacher, please do not hesitate to get in touch and request them by emailing The following recorded sessions are available for request:

Live Sessions

We have enjoyed offering live workshops via Zoom or Teams to students while we have all been at home. We will continue to offer these when schools return as an alternative to visiting your school. We can set up calls with classrooms and share our screen and camera on a projector for whole classes. We would normally use for interaction with students. This is an online platform where students can contribute to ideas clouds, polls and Q&As via their phones or computers. If you are a teacher and would like more information or to arrange a live remote session, please email We’d be delighted to hear from you!

We are offering most of our normal sessions remotely. We can adjust any of the standard sessions above while delivering them live to suit your students’ particular needs. Additionally, we are offering the following sessions live: