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Term Dates

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Term Dates 2023-24

We expect all freshers to arrive at Trinity on Tuesday 3th October 2023, between 10 and 12 noon. Your room will be available from this date. If you are an international student coming from outside Europe, it may exceptionally be possible for you to arrive on Monday 2nd October 2023: please email our Undergraduate and Tutorial Administrator if you need to enquire about this.

For the rest of the academic year, all undergraduate students should note, especially if you are booking travel for going home in December and returning in January, that you are required to be in residence in Trinity by no later than as follows:

  • Thursday (12 noon) 5th October – 6 p.m. Saturday 2nd December 2023
  • Thursday (12 noon) 11th January – 6 p.m. Saturday 9th March 2024
  • Thursday (12 noon) 18th April – 6 p.m. Saturday 15th June 2024

These dates and times are fixed, and obligatory for all undergraduate students. Students rooms are generally available to occupy from 14:00 on the Tuesday of 0th Week of each term; your Accommodation Licence will contain the dates that you are allowed to occupy your College room.

In addition, you may need to stay in Oxford for one additional week at the end of the Hilary or Trinity Terms for University Examinations. The timetables for these are published later in the year. Third- and fourth-year students undertaking laboratory-based research projects may also be required to stay for part of the vacation; they should consult their tutors for advice.

Please note that the University calendar of ‘full terms’ specifies later return dates, which correspond to University lectures. The dates listed here over-ride the University dates for Trinity students; this is to take account of College teaching arrangements and compulsory pre-term practice exams in January and April 2023.


Term Dates 2023-24

We expect all graduate freshers to have arrived in Oxford by Sunday 1st October 2023. Your Department and the College have a full freshers’ week timetable lined up for this week!

All graduates in fee-paying status are also expected to keep Oxford full terms, and for many courses, you will be expected to work through part of the vacations. For more advice, please contact your course director (for taught courses) or your supervisor (for research degrees).

College Handbook &


The College Handbook details the essential regulations which all students of Trinity must observe. It also provides useful information on practical matters, including whom to contact with questions, room bookings, etc.

Trinity College Handbook is available to all current students by logging in here to our SharePoint site.



Students must also observe the regulations of the University. These are detailed, with full information on each degree course, in the on-line version of the University’s Statutes and Regulations.