Justin Stebbing: A story of artificial intelligence and drug development during the pandemic

Wed 28 Feb | 5.00pm - 6.00pm
de Jager Auditorium

Justin Stebbing, Editor-in-Chief of Oncogene, one of the world’s leading cancer journals, is Visiting Professor of Oncology at Imperial College London, Professor of Biomedical Sciences, ARU, Cambridge, and an alumnus of Trinity. Specialising in new therapies for cancer, Professor Stebbing has published over 650 peer-reviewed papers as well as regularly presenting new data on optimal cancer therapies. In this talk he will describe how during the pandemic, a computer programme led to studies at breakneck speed in early 2020 which produced a treatment that was US Government Food & Drug Administration approved 9 months later.

A selection of hot filter coffee, tea and cold drinks will be available for purchase in our Levine Building Cafe in advance of the event.