A group of MCR freshers stands wearing university sub-fusc before their matriculation in the college's Durham Quad.



Meet Some of Our

Postgraduate Students

Eilidh MacFarlane

DPhil Sociology

I’m a DPhil student in Sociology, researching voting behaviour in contemporary British elections. I’m particularly interested in the relationship between social and political identities, such as the influence of class identities on partisanship. I’m from the Scottish Highlands, where I attended a state comprehensive before coming to Oxford for my undergraduate degree in PPE at Trinity. Choosing to come back to Trinity for my DPhil, after time away working in the civil service, felt strange but I’m so glad I did.

As a postgraduate I’ve been more involved in college life than ever, largely because the MCR is such an incredibly warm and friendly community. I have been very involved in both the MCR and Trinity’s growing access programme – I particularly enjoyed helping to organise a PPE access day at Trinity. One of the other joys of Oxford as a graduate student is getting to be involved in teaching: I've really enjoyed leading tutorials, which has also helped to develop my subject knowledge and understanding. 

Chevano Baker

Master of Public Policy

I am a Jamaican Rhodes Scholar and postgraduate student at Trinity reading for the Master of Public Policy. Prior to that, I completed an MSc in Economics for Development at Oxford University's Department for International Development. During the MSc, I undertook research on the impact of natural disasters on sovereign bond spreads in emerging market economies.

Trinity has a very warm and welcoming environment with kind and helpful people. There are also lots of opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds and varied academic interests as well as to get involved and serve the community. In my first year at trinity, I served as MCR Scholarship and Career Rep. When I am not studying, I enjoy cooking and hanging with friends. 

Rowan Curtis

DPhil Physics

I grew up in Southampton and went on to study Physics at the University of Surrey. I’m now in my third year, studying for a DPhil within the Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics sub-department, and am funded by a Science and Technology Facilities Council scholarship. I study the temperature profiles of the polar regions of the lunar surface using NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, measuring how lunar regolith (Moon dust) scatters light and transfers heat and then input this data into thermal models for lunar polar regions. 

My time so far at Oxford has been wonderful and I owe so much of this positive impression to how Trinity has made me feel at home. I feel well looked after: stimulated socially, academically and culturally. Music is also a very important part of my life and Trinity has encouraged me to perform and be part of a fantastic music scene. We have classical concerts, jazz nights and various other musical events in college, and the sense that Trinity is a hub of music and arts is felt at all levels of college.

Kome Gbinigie

DPhil Primary Health Care Science

I am a GP by background. Prior to starting my DPhil, I was an academic GP trainee in Oxford and developed a keen interest in improving the diagnosis and management of common bacterial infections in primary care. My DPhil is focused on the use of non-antibiotic options to manage the symptoms of urinary tract infections, thereby reducing antibiotic consumption. Alongside my DPhil, I practice as a GP and a community cardiology doctor each week. Outside of work I play netball and enjoy cycling.  

Trinity college is both beautiful and friendly. Whether or not you live in college accommodation, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with life at Trinity. From joining college societies, to formal halls, to informal gatherings such as the weekly pizza evenings, Trinity truly caters to everyone and will soon feel like home.  

Sarah Tress

MPhil International Development

I’m a second year MPhil student in the Department of International Development. I grew up in New York City's Staten Island and completed my undergraduate degree at MIT in mechanical engineering; so coming to Oxford has been a big change for me! For the past three years, I have also been working on the nonprofit I lead, Loop Cushion, which creates low-cost inflatable wheelchair seat cushions for use in low-resource contexts.  

My work with Loop Cushion is partially what brought me here to study Development Studies. Through my past year in the program, I have gotten to reevaluate how I can be an agent of positive change in the world. My MPhil thesis is looking at public transportation in Santiago, Chile and evaluating questions around infrastructure and transportation. I have really enjoyed my time at Trinity thus far; though I now live offsite, I still enjoy going to Trinity’s gorgeous college grounds to visit the bar with friends or study in the library.  

Owain James

DPhil Theology

I’m a DPhil student from Wales and I’m a Welsh speaker. I left home to study History at the University of Exeter at undergraduate level, before eventually arriving at Trinity for my DPhil. My thesis focuses on how early Christians understood the biblical passage1 Samuel 28, in which King Saul visit a medium to raise the prophet Samuel from the dead. So my research focuses on themes like death, magic, and demons.

There are many things I have enjoyed about life as a graduate at Trinity College. The food in hall has been one highlight, and I have enjoyed representing and helping fellow students by serving on the MCR committee and also as a Junior Dean. For me, however, the best thing about college is the community. On a daily basis I’ve had the opportunity of meeting brilliant people from all over the world, and from all sorts of backgrounds. I’ve been able to find out more about their diverse and fascinating academic interests, and learnt a lot about their unique life experiences. Trinity is such a diverse community where it's easy to feel welcome.