Honorary Fellow

Sir Ivor Roberts

  • I served as President of Trinity from 2006-17. 
  • I have an Oxford BA and MA in Medieval and Modern Languages from Keble College. 
  • I had a long career as a diplomat, including in Ireland, Spain, the former Yugoslavia, and Rome. 
  • I was a Senior Associate Member of St Antony’s College, Oxford, from 1997-99, and have been an Honorary Fellow of Keble College since 1999.
Sir Ivor Roberts


On leaving Oxford, I joined HM Diplomatic Service and in the course of a 38-year career served in Lebanon (learning Arabic), Paris, Luxembourg, Canberra, Vanuatu, Spain and, as ambassador, in Belgrade (during the Bosnian war), Dublin (immediately after the signature of the Good Friday Agreement) and Rome. On retiring from the Diplomatic Service, I was elected President of Trinity, a position I held for 11 years. While at Trinity, I was editor and major contributor to the most recent two editions of the internationally recognised bible on diplomacy, Satow’s Diplomatic Practice. I also published a memoir of my Belgrade days, Conversations with Milošević. I currently chair 3 charities, am President of Oxford University Rugby Football Club and write articles and books on foreign affairs and diplomacy.