Honorary Fellow

Richard Bernays

  • I studied PPE as an undergraduate at Trinity from 1961 to 1964.
  • I had a career in investment management, and now serve on the college's Investment and Remuneration Committees. 
  • I am a founding member of the Dodecadents Dining Club, which consists of 12 members of Trinity who have dined every year in College since 1963.
Richard Bernays


After studying PPE at Trinity, I had a brief spell in advertising and marketing in London and New York. I then I joined Warburgs and spent the next 40 years in investment management. I was Vice Chairman of Mercury Asset Management (now BlackRock), Chief Executive of Hill Samuel Asset Management and Old Mutual Investment Management. After retiring in 2002, I have been a director of a number of investment trusts, a bank and an outsourcing business based in India as well as an investment advisor to a Gulf based institution. I have been actively involved in charitable activities, particularly in the educational and art sectors. My leisure pursuits include golf, fishing, music and gardening. I have two daughters and am married to a criminal barrister.