Lecturer in Maths for Chemistry

Matthew Golesworthy

  • I am a DPhil student at New College on the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP.

  • I work on understanding the physical origins of animals’ ability to sense the Earth’s magnetic field using spectroscopy (my supervisors are Professors Christiane Timmel and Stuart Mackenzie).

  • I read for my MChem at Trinity, where I was also Organ Scholar.

Matthew Golesworthy


I teach the first-year undergraduate ‘Mathematics for Chemistry’ course at Trinity, which aims to provide chemists with the skills to explore the physical world of chemistry from a qualitative perspective, especially within the physical chemistry course.


My research focusses on the effects that magnetic fields have on biochemical and chemical reactions and processes, with a particular interest on understanding magnetoreception – the ability of many organisms to sense the Earth’s magnetic field. I work on a custom-built spectrometer that uses cavity-enhancement to more sensitively measure the changes in concentrations of chemical species under the influence, or absence, of magnetic fields. These measurements provide information about the kinetics and composition of such photochemical processes.

Recent Publication

V.Déjean, M. Konowalcyz, J. Gravell, M.J. Golesworthy, C. Gunn, N. Pompe, O. Foster Vander Elst, K-J. Tan, M. Oxborrow, D.G.A.L. Aarts, S.R. Mackenzie, C.R. Timmel, ‘Detection of magnetic field effects by confocal microscopy’, Chemical Science 11, 7772 (2020)

Matthew Golesworthy