Lecturer in Engineering Science

Mark McAllister

  • I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Engineering Science.

  • I work on ocean waves and offshore renewables.

  • Before coming to Oxford, I studied at the University of Edinburgh, taking an MEng in Mechanical Engineering (2013) and a PhD in Engineering (2017).

A detail from the back gate to Trinity College, with a gryphon in metal.


For the undergraduate course in Engineering Science, I give first-year tutorials in Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics.


I work as part of the Environmental Fluid Mechanics group in the Department of Engineering Science. My research interests include: extreme ocean waves; wave breaking; wave structure interaction and offshore renewables. In 2018, I won the 16th ERCOFTAC Osborne Reynolds Day UK Fluid Mechanics thesis competition.

Selected Publications

With Ton S van den Bremer, ‘Experimental Study of the Statistical Properties of Directionally Spread Ocean Waves Measured by Buoys’, Journal of Physical Oceanography 50(2) (Nov 2019)

with Ton S van den Bremer, ‘Lagrangian Measurement of Steep Directionally Spread Ocean Waves: Second-Order Motion of a Wave-Following Measurement Buoy’, Journal of Physical Oceanography 49(12) (Sept 2019)

Ton S van den Bremer, Mark McAllister, Alistair G. L. Borthwick, James Steer, ‘Experimental Observation of Modulational Instability in Crossing Surface Gravity Wavetrains’, Fluids 4(2) (June 2019)

Mark McAllister, Sam Draycott, Thomas A.A. Adcock, Paul H. Taylor, Ton S van den Bremer, ‘Laboratory recreation of the Draupner wave and the role of breaking in crossing seas’, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 860 (Feb 2019), 767-786

Mark McAllister, Thomas A.A. Adcock, Paul H. Taylor, Ton S van den Bremer, ‘A Note on the Second-order Contribution to Extreme Waves Generated During Hurricanes’, Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering 141 (4) (Jan 2019)