Professorial Fellow

Janina Dill

  • I am the Dame Louise Richardson Chair in Global Security.
  • My research concerns the role of law and morality in international relations, specifically in war.
  • I enjoy that students are excited about better understanding the world.
  • I study the perceptions of conflict affected populations, including in Iraq, Gaza and Ukraine.


My research concerns the role of law and morality in international relations, specifically in war. I develop legal and philosophical theories about how international law can be an instrument of morality in war, albeit an imperfect one. I also study how normative considerations shape public opinion on the use of force and the attitudes of conflict-affected populations. I currently co-convene a research project on the "Law and Ethics of Nuclear Deterrence," which is part of the Research Network on Rethinking Nuclear Deterrence, funded by the MacArthur Foundation. One of my ambitions is to make nuclear policies compliant with international law, which hopefully raises the threshold for nuclear use.


I mostly teach graduate students in the Blavatnik School of Government in subjects related to Global Security.

Selected Publications

Janina Dill, Marnie Howlett, Carl Müller-Crepon. 2023. At Any Cost: How Ukrainians Think about Self-Defense Against Russia, American Journal of Political Science, forthcoming.

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