Fellow and Tutor in Materials Science

Jan Czernuszka

  • I am Associate Professor of Materials in the Department of Materials Science.

  • My research examines the mechanical properties of natural materials, with a view to engineering better solutions for healthcare.

  • I am Head of the Biomaterials Group at Oxford, which is now a Wellcome Trust Centre for Tissue Engineering.

  • Before coming to Oxford, I studied at Imperial College and Cambridge University.

Jan Czernuzska


My tutorial teaching at Trinity covers the general areas of mechanical properties plus polymers and ceramics. Within the Department of Materials I lecture on Composites, Ceramics and the Option course on Medical Materials (for which I give classes) as well as supervising practicals.

At the postgraduate level, I supervise work on the mechanical properties of natural materials, with a particular focus on tissue engineering.


My research is based on examining natural systems from a Materials perspective. At the moment, I am particularly focused on tissue engineering and tissue expanders. On the tissue engineering side, my research group design, manufacture and test scaffolds for a range of potential structures within the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular fields, including osteochondral devices and aortic heart valves. In the video clip, you can see an example of one of our scaffolds seeded with heart cells. This is part of our collaborative work with colleagues from Amsterdam, and my research involves numerous collaborations, both with other universities and with companies.

The second aspect of my research is about developing directionally controlled self-expanding tissue expanders with an in-built time delay. The aim is to provide skin for plastic surgeons to treat burns, large wounds and genetic disorders such as cleft palate and syndactyly (where two or more digits are fused together). As part of this work, my group has a major longstanding collaboration with the University of Malaya to treat cross bite (the misalignment of teeth).

I have over 300 publications and a number of patents. I have won a number of awards for my work, including from the Wellcome Trust, the Design Council and ISIS Alpha. I am also the Scientific Director of Oxford Medical Products.


umping heart tissue; scaffold seeded with heart cells
Pumping heart tissue; scaffold seeded with heart cells


Selected Publications

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