Lecturer in Physics

Francesco Hautmann

  • I am a member of the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics.

  • At Trinity I teach students reading Physics and Physics & Philosophy.

  • My research is in theoretical particle physics.

  • Before coming to Oxford I took my doctorate at the University of Florence.

Francesco Hautmann


I teach first-year, second-year and third-year courses for students reading Physics and Physics & Philosophy. Courses taught include first-year Classical Mechanics, second-year Mathematical Methods, second-year Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, third-year Subatomic Physics. At the University of Antwerp Physics Department I lecture postgraduate courses on Theory of Fundamental Interactions and on Quantum Chromodynamics. I currently supervise two doctoral students and two Masters students within the framework of a research project funded by the Flemish Research Foundation on Precision Physics of Fundamental Interactions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). 


My research area is theoretical particle physics. I work on applications of quantum field theory to the physics of fundamental interactions. 

The primary focus of my research is Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), the quantum field theory of the strong interaction. My work has contributed especially to the formulation of theorems of factorization and resummation for high-energy scattering in QCD. These theoretical results are applied in experimental investigations of some of physics’ most profound questions explored at high-energy particle colliders through reactions producing Higgs bosons, electroweak bosons, and hadronic jets.    

Much of my research connects directly with experiment and observation. For instance, I have obtained theoretical predictions for proton’s structure functions measured at the DESY HERA lepton-proton collider, and for cross sections for producing heavy quarks and jets in gluon fusion processes observed at the 

Fermilab Tevatron and the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

You can find out more about my work here.

Selected Publications

The transverse momentum spectrum of low mass Drell-Yan production at NLO in the parton branching method’’, Eur. Phys. J. C80 (2020) 598 (with  A. Bermudez Martinez et al) 

Production of  Z’-Boson Resonances with Large Width at the LHC’, 

 Phys. Lett. B803 (2020) 135293 (with E. Accomando et al)  

Non-perturbative contributions to vector-boson transverse momentum spectra in hadronic collisions’’, Phys. Lett. B806 (2020) 135478 (with I. Scimemi and A. Vladimirov) 

Dynamical resolution scale in transverse momentum distributions at the LHC’, 

Nucl. Phys. B 949 (2019) 114795 (with L. Keersmaekers, A. Lelek and M. van Kampen) 

Recent proceedings of scientific conferences 

 ‘Hadron structure and parton branching beyond collinear approximations’, in Probing Nucleons and Nuclei in High Energy Collisions, eds. Y. Hatta, Y. Kovchegov, C. Marquet and A. Prokudin (Proceedings of the INT Programme, Institute for Nuclear Theory, University of Washington, Seattle, 2020) p. 225

[arXiv:1912.13397 [hep-ph]] 

 ‘Forward-Backward Drell-Yan Asymmetry and PDF Determination’, 54th Rencontres de Moriond (La Thuile, March 2019), published in `’QCD and high-energy interactions’, ARISF 2019 

[arXiv:1907.08301 [hep-ph]] (with  H. Abdolmaleki et al). 

Extending parton branching TMDs to small x’, Proceedings of Science PoS (DIS 2019) 136 (with S. T. Monfared,  H. Jung and M. Schmitz) [arXiv:1908.01621 [hep-ph]] .  

TMDs and Monte Carlo Event Generators’, 23rd International Symposium on Spin Physics (Ferrara), published in Proceedings of Science PoS Spin2018 (2019) 059   [arXiv:1907.03353 [hep-ph]]