Lecturer in Law

Dorota Leczykiewicz

  • I am Associate Professor of Law in the Faculty of Law.

  • I am Official Fellow in Law at St Peter’s College.

  • I conduct research in Comparative Tort law, European private law and EU law.

Dorota Leczykiewicz


I teach Trinity students Tort law and EU law. In the Faculty of Law, I give undergraduate lectures

in EU law and at graduate level I give BCL/MJur seminars in Private Law and Fundamental Rights and the Constitutional Principles of the EU.


My research interests focus on English and comparative Tort law, legal reasoning, European private law and EU constitutional law, in particular, EU fundamental rights. I have recently authored chapters and articles on the judicial development of EU fundamental rights law in the context of the EU digital market, the reform of the French law of civil liability and the purported general principle of EU law prohibiting abusive practices.

Selected Publications

Judicial Development of EU Fundamental Rights Law in the Digital Era – A Fresh Look at the Concept of ‘General Principles’’, in Ulf Bernitz, Xavier Groussot, Jaan Paju and Sybe de Vries (eds), General Principles of EU Law and the EU Digital Order (Kluwer Law International 2020)

Loss and its Compensation in the Proposed New French Regime of Extra-contractual Liability’, in Jean-Sébastien Borghetti and Simon Whittaker (eds), French Civil Liability in Comparative Perspective (Hart Publishing 2019)

Prohibition of Abusive Practices as a ‘General Principle’ of EU Law’, Common Market Law Review 56 (2019), 703

The Charter of Fundamental Rights and the EU’s Shallow Constitutionalism’, in Nicholas W. Barber, Maria Cahill and Richard Ekins (eds), The Rise and Fall of the European Constitution (Hart Publishing 2019)

Dr Leczykiewicz