Lecturer in Spanish

Anna Paradis

  • My main areas of research are Romance syntax and theoretical linguistics.
  • I am also interested in Sociolinguistics and Language teaching.
  • My current research aims to build bridges between theoretical linguistics, second language acquisition and language teaching.


I am a Spanish language lecturer at Trinity and the lecturer in Catalan studies at the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages. I grew up in Barcelona where I studied Philology at the University of Barcelona (UB). I was a junior researcher at the Centre for Sociolinguistics and Communication Research (UB) where I worked on Multilingualism and Language Policy. I received my PhD in Romance linguistics from the Centre for Theoretical Linguistics (Autonomous University of Barcelona). I am fascinated by linguistic variation and how Universal Grammar restricts variation not only across languages but also within the same language.


At Trinity, I teach Spanish (grammar and oral skills) to undergraduate students.

At the Sub-faculty of Spanish, I teach Catalan language and culture as well as Paper VIII (Catalan poetry and prose), and Catalan optional papers, including Paper XII and Extended Essay in Catalan literature and linguistics. This academic year I also lecture on Spanish V and Ibero-Romance Linguistics.


My main research topics are Romance clitics and non-finite complement clauses. I am interested in exploring the mechanisms offered by Universal Grammar to establish long-distance dependencies and interclausal phenomena. In particular, I study Clitic Climbing and how it correlates with Restructuring and Control phenomena.

My current research also includes Second Language acquisition and Language teaching in multilingual contexts. I am interested in the interweaving of theoretical linguistics and language teaching, and I am the author of L1 and L2 teaching materials published by well-known Spanish publishing companies.

Selected Publications

[forth.] ‘La relación entre el léxico y la sintaxis’. In: Á. J. Gallego and E. Gutiérrez (eds) La enseñanza de la gramática: teorías, metodologías y competencias. Madrid: Visor. (With Edita Gutiérrez)

[forth.] ‘Cliticización’. In: Variación sintáctica en español, B. Camus, Á. J. Gallego and E. Gutiérrez (eds.). Madrid: Akal. (With Irene Fernández-Serrano)

In prep. (co-edited with Lorena Castillo-Ros). 2018 Barcelona Workshop on Syntax, Semantics, and Phonology. Linguistic Analysis, 44.

2019. ‘The position of clitics and presuppositional negative markers in restructuring contexts’. Caplletra [International journal of Philology], 66, 153—178. (With Ares Llop-Naya)

2018. ‘New speakers’ ideologies and trajectories in bilingual families in Catalonia’. In: Family Multilingualism in Medium-Sized Linguistic Communities, Peter Lang, 193—222. (With Emili Boix-Fuster).

2018. ‘Variation in the scope of clitic climbing: evidence from Catalan dialectal data’. Revue Roumaine de Linguistique, LXIII-3, 281—295, 2018.

Modern Languages and Linguistics