Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy

Anil Gomes

  • I am Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy;

  • My research interests include the philosophy of mind, Immanuel Kant, Iris Murdoch;

  • I serve as Reviews Editor for the journal MIND;

  • I am the recipient of a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship (2019) and the John Locke Prize (2004)

Anil Gomes


At Trinity, I teach a number of papers for all the joint degrees involving philosophy (PPE, Philosophy and Theology, Philosophy and Modern Languages, and Classics). These include General Philosophy for the preliminary examinations and Ethics, Knowledge and Reality, Early Modern Philosophy, the Philosophy of Mind, and the Philosophy of Kant for the final examinations. In the Faculty I provide the undergraduate lectures for the Philosophy of Kant and teach a graduate seminar whose recent topics have included self-consciousness, Kant, and self-knowledge. I supervise graduate students on the BPhil and DPhil, primarily on topics in the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of Kant but on other topics besides.

I particularly welcome applications from students at non-selective state schools and colleges which may not have a tradition of students applying to Oxford.


My main research interests cluster around a set of topics in the philosophy of mind and often draw on figures in the history of philosophy. I was recently awarded a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship for a project on self-consciousness and objectivity and the resulting book, The Practical Self, will be published by Oxford University Press in 2024. Some other recent topics of interest include the nature of perception, self-knowledge, and our knowledge and understanding of others’ minds. I have particular interests in the philosophical work of Immanuel Kant and Iris Murdoch.

You can hear me on BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time talking about Kant's Copernican Revolution and Iris Murdoch. And you listen to an interview with me on the 5 Questions podcast.

More information can be found on my website: https://www.anilgomes.com/.



Selected Publications

On The Necessity of the Categories. With A.W. Moore and A. Stephenson. Philosophical Review. (2022)

Iris Murdoch: Moral Vision. In M. Hopwood and S. Panizza (eds.) The Murdochian Mind. Routledge. (2022)

On Being Internally The Same. With M. Parrott. Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind Vol. 1 (2020)

Perception, Evidence, and our Expressive Knowledge of Others’ Minds. In A. Avramides and M. Parrott (eds.) Knowing and Understanding Other Minds, Oxford University Press (2019)

Perception and Reflection. Philosophical Perspectives 31 (2017), 131-152

Naïve Realism in Kantian Phrase. MIND 502 (2017), 529-578

Kant and the Philosophy of Mind: Perception, Reason, and the Self. Edited with A. Stephenson. Oxford University Press (2017)

Professor Gomes