Honorary Fellow

Andrew Tyrie

  • I studied PPE as an undergraduate at Trinity.
  • I am the Chairman of the Competition and Markets Authority.
  • I served as MP for Chichester from 1997 to 2017.
Andrew Tyrie


I became Chairman of the Competition & Markets Authority in June 2018.  As MP for Chichester (1997 - 2017), I served as Chairman of the Commons Treasury Select Committee (2010 – 2017), Chairman of the Liaison Committee (2015 - 2017), and Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on banking standards (2012 - 2013) whose recommendations for the reform in governance of major financial institutions were subsequently entrenched in legislation.  

Trinity changed my life a good deal. I am from Essex – my father was a furniture retailer. Taking a degree was breaking new ground. As important as anything I learnt was the relaxed and very friendly atmosphere; I benefitted a lot from that.