Lecturer in Economics

Andrea Bernini

  • I am interested in political economy and microeconomics.
  • I love teaching small-class tutorials and having a direct conversation with my students.
  • My current research investigates the impact of the media on social unrest in the United States.


I am a Lecturer in Economics at Trinity College and a Fellow in Economics at Mansfield College. I previously taught economics at St. Edmund Hall, St. Catherine's College, Jesus College, and Merton College. I obtained both my DPhil and my MPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford. In 2019, I was a visiting research fellow at both Harvard University and the European University Institute.

I have an interest in the interaction between research and policy making, and I am passionate about the ability that economics has in informing specific solutions and recommendations in many areas of public policy. In this respect, I have worked and conducted research for many international organizations, including the World Bank Group, Lendable, Goldman Sachs, the Bank of England, the Economic Commission of the United Nations, Deloitte, Confindustria and Banca Generali.


I teach core microeconomics papers at Trinity College, and I also teach introductory economics at Mansfield College.


My research interests lie at the intersections of political economy, microeconometrics, development and public economics. I study the econometric impact of voting rights' policies across different aspects of American politics, minority rights, inclusion and enfranchisement.

Selected Publications

  • Race, Representation, and Local Governments in the U.S South. Journal of Political Economy, R&R
  • The Voice of Radio in the Battle for Equal Rights. Economics and Politics, R&R
Andrea Bernini

"People confuse economists and economic policy. Economists agree about economics - and that's a science - and they disagree about economic policy because that's a value judgement."

Franco Modigliani