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Outreach Support

For Parents & Carers

Trinity College Outreach

For Parents & Carers

When it comes to deciding the next steps after school, everyone benefits from the support of the family and friends who know them best. 

The team at Trinity College run an online live session for parents in which we cover questions about costs and finance, student support and well-being. These interactive sessions give parents the chance to ask questions and meet current students. The aim of our parent sessions is to explore some of the following themes:

•    The benefits of going to university alongside the costs
•    What the University of Oxford has to offer prospective applicants
•    Helping parents and carers feel more confident about their role in supporting their child's future choices

We run these sessions in the summer and autumn term, and they are advertised through our linked schools. Parents can book onto a choice of dates independently, so look out for our emails to share with parents. To discuss planning a session specifically for your students’ parents please get in touch to discuss directly with Richard:

Oxford University

For Families

The central Oxford University outreach department has produced a website pages and a downloadable guide explaining why we believe university might be the right next step for a child and why Oxford might be a good fit. There's advice on how students should set about choosing what to study, preparing for university and how to put in a strong application. 

We want parents and carers to know that students are in safe hands at Oxford and how seriously we take their wellbeing. We also understand that parents will need to be clear on how costs will be covered, and to be reassured that our financial support for UK students is some of the most generous offered by any university. This information and the written guide can be found here.