JCR Freshers





The JCR is the home of Trinity’s undergraduate student body, and represents the interests of undergraduates on college committees. It also plays an important role in the undergraduate community by organising social events, supporting the access and equalities agenda of the college, and providing peer support.

The JCR committee for 2023/24 includes:

President: Adham Saeid (

Treasurer: William Boulanger (

Secretary: Julia Tondera (

Entz reps: Paul Furey, Ella Boland, Louis McAuliffe

Academic Affairs rep: Osheen Khurana

Access and Bursaries: Eden Mellor Davis, Mahima Nayak

BAME Rep: Zain Mohammad

Disabilities Rep: Rosie Barber

Welfare Officers: Juan Arcos Sterling, Oli Ficklin, Yash Dadwal, Alice Pendry-Humm

For more information, see the JCR website.