Refurbishment of

Hall, Kitchen and SCR


Trinity's Historical Estate

The start of this project marks the near-completion of an ambitious programme of works that began with the chapel in 2015 and continued with the construction of the Levine Building.

The kitchen, where the most urgent work is needed, will be modernised and extended. A glass roof in the servery will allow natural light to flood into the kitchen and pass through into the Hall.  Windows that were bricked up some years ago will be unblocked, improving both light and air circulation. A lift tower will be constructed, creating, for the first time, permanent wheelchair access to the Beer Cellar, Old Bursary and SCR.

The Hall, which was last re-decorated in the 1980s, will be painted in a colour scheme that dates from the early 19th century. Incorporating cream and a pale blue/green, it will give the room a bright and airy feel.  The acoustics of the Hall, which has troubled generations of diners, will be improved through the addition of acoustic panels, carpet (on the high table dais) and curtains, placed in strategic locations.


To Date

The Hall and kitchen were closed and cleared in March 2022, allowing work to begin on removing mechanical and electrical infrastructure and asbestos. 

By October 2022, further investigation of the site was made possible by the demolition of the kitchen.  It became clear that, before any of the planned work could go ahead, certain buildings and structures would need underpinning.  Although the need to underpin was not completely unexpected, the size and scope of the task was greater than envisaged, impacting both on the timescale and cost of the project. 


The Cost

The total cost of the project is expected to be in the region of £9 million.  The college has committed to covering a large proportion through the sale of land and a loan from its endowment (a model established to cover half the cost of the Levine Building).  The additional work, however, represents a further cost of approximately £1.2 million, a significant financial challenge, particularly at a time when the college’s running costs continue to rise. 

Donations to this project are gratefully received and will help to ensure Trinity is able to fulfil its commitment to safeguarding its historic estate for generations to come.  


Your Contribution

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