Trinity Tomes 8 - KWEKU: A Ghanaian at boarding school in 1960s and 70s Britain

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18 October 2021 17:30-18:30

Join us to hear from Michael Pepera (1976) about his recently published book KWEKU: A Ghanaian at boarding school in 1960s and 70s Britain.

This book, published in early 2020 – in the round half-truth and half-fictional, and consequently classifying as a fictional work – is loosely based on selected highlights of the author’s life, as viewed through the experiences of its principal character, Kweku. It begins with Kweku’s time as a Ghanaian boy at boarding school in the UK in the 1960s and ’70s and continues with his experiences in later life up to the present day.

The book invites the reader to join with Kweku, as he attempts to explore issues of race, human character and motivation within an entertaining context. Primarily, it aims to introduce the reader, admittedly somewhat superficially, to aspects of Ghanaian and British culture following Ghana’s independence, from the perspective of a protagonist with a lifelong exposure to idiosyncrasies on both sides of the divide.

In the background the narrative regularly defaults to intersect with the story’s central underlying theme, quietly coaxing readers from all walks of life into accepting greater ownership of the consequences of their actions or inaction, in an era where all the rage is about entitlement to rights, seemingly without the burden of any accompanying altruistic responsibility.

A recording of the session is available on the college YouTube channel - please click here


Michael Pepera

Born in Accra, Ghana, a year after the country’s independence from British colonial rule, Michael travelled to the UK in the mid-1960s, entering boarding school at the age of six. He later became the first African to be admitted to Harrow School in its 400-year history, moving on from there to Trinity, where he read Classics – although, as his Tutors rightly claimed, not as much of it as he should have! He spent most of his professional career in a private family business engaged in the manufacture and exportation from Ghana of dining and garden furniture to high-end buyers in the UK. Now retired but retaining a lifelong interest in politics, human motivation and character, Kweku is his first book.