Imagining a post-Covid World

Old Member
1 February 2021 17:30-1 March 2021 19:00

February 2020 was when it all started; a virus that seemed to be manageable but shut down the world. It has been proved to us as a society that we can't currently predict nor plan for the long term. On the other hand, it gave us something we've all been lacking a lot of lately - time. Time to spend with our families, time to do what we enjoy doing most. Lastly, time for our inner self...

At Trinity, we are a community that loves to get together, advise and support each other; therefore, we have decided that, after one full year of unprecedented challenges, we must bring together our Old Members for a series of discussions on how we see things going forward.

The panel discussions focused on:

 Arts and the Entertainment Industry

The Future of Higher Education 

Defining Success in a Virtual World 

World’s Top Economies 

Climate Change and Energy 

Please click below for further details on each event or see the college YouTube channel for recordings of the events

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