The Trinity College chapel choir stands on top of the chapel after singing for May morning

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Chapel Choir

We are proud to have one of the finest non-auditioning, inclusive choirs in Oxford. Comprised of some 30 members mainly drawn from Trinity College, the Choir’s regular commitment is to sing weekly Evensong in the beautiful chapel of Trinity College. The choir is dedicated to performing music beyond the traditional canon, and diversifying the repertoire they sing, including a dedication to singing music by women composers on a weekly basis. Outside of this the choir performs yearly tours, most recently to Krakow, Rome and Prague.

TCCC holds choral scholarship positions, which are dedicated to working on musical skills and knowledge that can be used in Access and Outreach singing workshops, to help young children to sing. In addition to our permanent choral scholars, current members are entitled to choral exhibitions that focus on applying the correct technique to their singing. Singing lessons are taught by Joanna Campion-Watt. This is something that is of course hugely beneficial to both the overall sound and the singers’ enjoyment! 

TCCC is run by the two Organ Scholars, who decide the music and conduct rehearsals and services. Sarah Tenant-Flowers teaches conducting to the Organ Scholars, as well as the college’s music students, and occasionally runs conducting workshops with the choir.

Chapel Choir


The choir has an ever-expanding discography, and have recently released two albums (TCCC:BC, Lockdown Loaded) on Spotify and Soundcloud respectively. ‘Lockdown Loaded’ album is comprised of music that was recorded virtually during a term in lockdown, and mixed by one of the organ scholars. One of their tracks was recently heard on Cam FM’s Evensong broadcast, alongside the choirs of King’s College, Cambridge and Trinity College, Cambridge. 

The choir also livestreams performances on the Chapel YouTube channel, which can be viewed here

Chapel Choir

Contact Information

For general information about the Chapel Choir, please contact one of our two organ scholars Ben Hunt or James Fellows.

Other chapel choir contacts are:

Social Secretary: Thang Tu
Secretary: Grace Taylor-West