A group of students outside the Trinity Dining hall shot from across the quad.


Bursaries & Prizes



A range of awards are available once students are studying at Trinity, including Instrumental Awards, Academic Prizes, College Prizes, Exhibitions and Scholarships awarded on the basis of academic merit during the course.

Academic Prizes of £40 may be awarded to undergraduates or postgraduates on the recommendation of the College Tutors, or the Tutor for Graduates with the support of the student's supervisor. Normally not more than one prize (exceptionally, two prizes) will be awarded to any student in one academic year.


Instrumental Bursaries

Britton Instrumental Bursaries are offered to encourage good instrumentalists to foster their musical skills and participate in the musical life of the College. A number of (renewable) Bursaries are awarded each year. Application forms are sent to all students during Hilary Term.



Some funding is made available by the Trinity Society for extracurricular activities such as music, drama, sport, etc. Any reasoned application, with costings can be submitted to the Estates Bursar.