Membership of the Governing Body is indicated by an asterisk *


Boulding, Dame Hilary* DBE, FRWCMD, MA Oxf

Vice President

Mahadevan, Louis* BSc New Delhi, MSc PhD Lond, MA Oxf
Professor of Biochemistry, Fellow and Tutor in Biochemistry

Chaplain and Welfare Dean

Percy, Emma BA Durh, MA Camb, MA Oxf, PhD Nott


McDougall, James* MA St And, MSt DPhil Oxf
Laithwaite Fellow and Tutor in History

Dean of Degrees

Franklinos, Tristan MA St And, MPhil DPhil Oxf

Director of Development

Broers, Sue BA PGCE Leeds, MA Oxf

Estates Bursar

Ferguson, ChrisBA Oxf, MSc Sur, ACMA

Interim Domestic Bursar

Irving-Bell, Linda  MA DPhil Oxf

Senior Tutor

Worth, Valerie* MA DPhil Oxf
(Also Tutor for Admissions, Tutor for Graduates); Professor in French

Tutorial Fellows and Fellows by Special Election

Barber, Nicholas* BCL MA Oxf (Barrister)
Professor of Constitutional Law and Theory, Wyatt Rushton Fellow and Tutor in Law

Blanco, María del Pilar* BA College of William and Mary, MA PhD New York University
Fellow and Tutor in Spanish

Buckler, Keith* BSc Lond, MA Oxf, PhD Newc
Fellow and Tutor in Medicine

Czernuszka, Jan* BSc Lond, MA Oxf, PhD Camb
Fellow and Tutor in Materials Science

Evangelista, Stefano* BA East Ang, MA Lond, MA MSt DPhil Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in English, Fellow Librarian

Fairchild, Paul* BSc Leicester, DPhil Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in Medicine

Ferrero, Andrea* BA Milan, MSc Barcelona, PhD New York
Levine Fellow and Tutor in Economics

Fisher, Stephen* MA DPhil Oxf, MSc S’ton
Fellow and Tutor in Political Sociology

Ghosh, Kantik* BA Calcutta, MPhil PhD Camb, BA MA Oxf, Stirling Boyd
Fellow and Tutor in English

Gomes, Anil* BA BPhil DPhil Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy

Hewitt, Ian* MMath, DPhil Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in Applied Mathematics

Ibbett, Katherine* BA Oxf, MA PhD Berkeley
Professor of French, Caroline de Jager Fellow and Tutor in French

Korsunsky, Alexander* BSc MSc Moscow, MA DPhil Oxf, CPhys, MInstP
Professor of Engineering Science, Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science

Mahadevan, Louis* BSc New Delhi, MSc PhD Lond, MA Oxf
Professor of Biochemistry, Fellow and Tutor in Biochemistry

McDougall, James* MA St And, MSt DPhil Oxf
Laithwaite Fellow and Tutor in History

Moody, Michael* BSc Adelaide, PhD University of South Australia
Professor of Materials, Fellow and Tutor in Materials Science

Perkin, Susan* MChem DPhil Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in Physical Chemistry

Read, Peter* BSc Birm, MA Oxf, PhD Camb
Professor of Physics, Fellow and Tutor in Physics, Music Fellow

Rostill, Luke* BA BCL MPhil DPhil Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in Property Law

Rupflin, Melanie* DrSc DiplMath Zurich
Fellow and Tutor in Pure Mathematics

Sheard, Stephen* BSc PhD Lond, MA Oxf, MIET, CEng
Hunt-Grubbe Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science, Computing Fellow

Trimble, Gail* MA MSt DPhil Oxf
Brown Fellow and Tutor in Classics

Ward-Perkins, Bryan* MA DPhil Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in Medieval History, Fellow Archivist

Wark, Justin* MA Oxf, PhD Lond
Professor of Physics, Fellow and Tutor in Physics

Williams, Charlotte* BSc PhD Lond
Professor of Chemistry, Fellow and Tutor in Chemistry

Zachhuber, Johannes* MA MSt DPhil Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in Theology

Professorial Fellows

Ashcroft, Frances* DBE, MA PhD Camb, MA Oxf, FRS
Professorial Fellow (Royal Society SmithKline Beecham Professor of Physiology)

Butler, Christopher* BA Cape Town, MD Wales, MRCGP, FRCGP, HonFFPH
Professorial Fellow (Primary Health Care)

Barr, Francis* BSc Lond, PhD Heidelberg
Professorial Fellow (Biochemistry)

Kwiatkowska, Marta* MSc Krakow, MA Oxf, PhD Leic
Professorial Fellow (Computing Systems)

Maiden, Martin MA PhD Camb, MA Oxf, FBA
Professorial Fellow (Romance Languages)

McCulloch, Peter* MB ChB Aberd, MA Oxf, MD Edin, FRCS, FRCS Glas
Professorial Fellow (Surgery)

Nasmyth, Kim BA York, MA Oxf, PhD Edin, FRS
Professorial Fellow (Biochemistry)

Senior Research Fellow

Pierrehumbert, JanetBA Harvard PhD MIT
Professor of Language Modelling

Research Fellows

Groves, Beatrice BA Camb, MSt DPhil Oxf,
Research Fellow and Tutor in English

Vinko, Sam Laurea magistrale Rome, DPhil Oxf
Research Fellow and Lecturer in Physics

Junior Research Fellows

Briant, Linford MSci PhD Brist
Junior Research Fellow in Biomedical Sciences

Dolcetti, Andrea MA PhD Genoa, MSt DPhil Oxf
Junior Research Fellow in Constitutional Law

Franklinos, Tristan MA St And, MPhil DPhil Oxf
Junior Research Fellow in Classics

Lampadaridi, Anna MA Athens, Maîtrise PhD Paris IV
Junior Research Fellow in History

Ni Leathlobhair, Maire* BA Dub, PhD Camb
Junior Research Fellow in Biochemistry

Perez Martinez, Carla BS MS PhD MIT
Junior Research Fellow in Chemistry

Reza, Alexandra* BA Camb MPhil DPhil Oxf
Junior Research Fellow in French

Singh, Pranav* BTech MTech Delhi, MMath DPhil Camb
Junior Research Fellow in Mathematics

Stracy, Mathew MSc Imp, MSci Nott, DPhil Oxf
Junior Research Fellow in Biochemistry

Honorary Visiting Fellows

Armitage, Simon CBE
Oxford Professor of Poetry

Davies, Dame Sally MB ChB Manchester, MSc London
Chief Medical Officer for England

Ertegun, Mica
Founder of the Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Programme

Vengerov, Maxim
Professor (violin) Royal Academy London

Emeritus Fellows

Brown, Michael, BSc MA DM Oxf (1996)

Brown, Peter, MA Oxf (2011)

Carey, Peter, MBE, MA DPhil Oxf (2009)

Collin, Jack, MB BS Newc, MD Oxf, FRCS (2010)

Egdell, Russ, MA DPhil Oxf (2014)

Griffïn, Clive, MA DPhil Oxf (2012)

Hancock, Gus, MA TC Dub, MA Oxf, PhD Camb (2012)

Horgan, Dorothy, MA PhD Manc, MA Oxf (1996)

Inwood, Michael, MA Oxf (2011)

Jenkins, Mike, BSc Brist, MA DPhil Oxf (2016)

Mallinson, Jonathan, MA PhD Camb, MA Oxf (2017)

Milner, Alan, OBE, LLB PhD Leeds, MA Oxf, LLM Yale (Barrister) (1996)

Poyntz, (John) Michael, MA Oxf (2011)

Prior, Christopher, MA PhD Camb, MA DPhil Oxf (2013)

Salamon, Simon, MA DPhil Oxf (2007)

Smith, George, MA DPhil Oxf (2010)

Thompson, Frank, BSc Lond, MA Oxf (2002)

Williams, The Revd Canon Trevor, MA Oxf (2005)

Honorary Fellows

Arnold, The Rt Revd John, MA Oxf, Barrister at Law, JCD (2015)

Ashburton, the Rt Hon the Lord (John Baring), KG, KCVO, MA Oxf (1989)

Beloff, The Hon Michael, QC, MA Oxf, FRSA, FICPD (2006)

Bernays, Richard, MA Oxf (2017)

Birch, Professor Dinah, CBE, MA DPhil Oxf, FRSA, FEA (2017)

Blackwell, Julian (Toby), HonDLitt Robert Gordon; HonDUniv Sheffield Hallam; Hon DBA Oxford Brookes (2011)

Bowlby, The Rt Revd Ronald, MA Oxf (1989)

Brunner, Sir Hugo, KCVO, JP, Order of St Frideswide, MA Oxf (1994)

Cartwright, Justin, MBE, BLitt Oxf, FRSL (2015)

Chadwyck-Healey, Sir Charles, Bt, MA Oxf (2006)

Cleaver, Sir Anthony, MA Oxf (1989)

Collier, Sir Paul, CBE, MA DPhil Oxf, Professor of Economics (2010)

de Jager, Geoffrey, LLB Natal, BCom Rhodes, D Litt (Hon) Rhodes (2008)

Gifford, Sir Roger, MA Oxf (2012)

Goodman, Professor Martin, MA DPhil Oxf Professor of Jewish Studies (2010)

Gray, Sir Charles, MA Oxf (2003)

Green, Sir Malcolm, DM, FRCP (2011)

Hogg, Sir Christopher, MA Oxf (1982)

Jenkins, Sir Brian, GBE, MA Oxf, FCA, FRSA (1992)

Kemp, Martin, MA Camb, DLitt (Hon) Heriot-Watt, FRSA, HRSA, FBA, FRSE, HonRIAS, FRSSU (2008)

Levine, Peter Michael, MA Oxf (2011)

Mavor, Kate, MA Oxf, DUniv (2015)

Macpherson of Cluny (and Blairgowrie), The Hon Sir William, Kt, TD, MA (1992)

McMichael, Sir Andrew, FRS, FAMS (2011)

Millar, Sir Fergus, MA DPhil DLitt Oxf, FBA, FSA (1992)

Morrill, The Revd Professor John, MA DPhil Oxf, FBA, FRHistS (2006)

Pattisson, John, MA Oxf (2000)

Peat, Sir Michael, KCVO, MA Oxf, MBA, FCA (2004)

Rowlinson, Sir John, BSc MA DPhil Oxf, FIChemE, FRSC, FREng, FRS, Hon FCGI (1992)

Russell, The Rt Revd Anthony, DPhil, FRAgS (2011)

Saïd, Wafic Rida, Ordre de Mérite du Cèdre, Ordre Chérifien (2004)

Sedley, David, MA Oxf, PhD Lond, FBA (2003)

Southern, Sir Edwin, BSc Manc, MA Oxf, PhD Glas, FRS (2005)

Soskice, Professor David,  MA Oxf, FBA (2015)

Stancliffe, The Rt Revd David, MA Oxf, DLitt(Hon) Port, FRSCM (2003)

Stothard, Sir Peter, MA Oxf (2000)

Tyrie, The Rt Hon the Lord (Andrew Tyrie), PC,  MA Oxf (2015)

Sir Thomas Pope Fellows

Andreae, Peter, MA Oxf, DL (2012)

Birkett, Caryll, MA Oxf (2007)

Crosthwaite, Perry, MA Oxf (2005)

Edelsten, Simon, MA Oxf, and Edelsten, Alison, MA Oxf (2015)

Fry, Sir Roger, CBE, BD Lond, DLitt(Hon) Port, AKC, FRSA (2009)

Haskell, Wyatt, AB Amherst, LLB Yale, JD (2001)

Hohler, Adrian, MA Oxf (2016)

Hunt-Grubbe, Robert, MA Camb, and Hunt-Grubbe, Julia (2001)

Michel, Roger Lee, Jr, BA Williams, JD Harvard, MLitt Oxf (2018)

Parker, Robert, CB, MA Oxf, MCMI, FRSA (2010)

Pearson, Stephen, MA Oxf (2011)

Setchim, Richard, MA Oxf (2014)

Singer, John, MBA INSEAD, MA Oxf (2009)

Tan, Dato’ Robert Kim Kuan and Yeoh, Dato’ Soo Min (2013)

Watt, Trudy, BA Open, MA DPhil Oxf, MSc Sheff Hallam (2009)