Trinity MCR is home to about 130 students from all works of life, all kinds of background and in all different age groups. As a community, it is very important to us that every member feels like they can play their part in MCR life and feel settled and safe both in Trinity and in Oxford more generally.

To that end, my job as the Diversity rep is to ensure that everybody’s interests are represented in MCR life. If you have any concerns about how things are run in the MCR or have any ideas about any events that we could organise, please do get in touch! My contact details are:


Nunnery (145 Woodstock Road)

Nayab Malik - Trinity MCR Diversity Representative

I have also assembled some information about resources and contacts within the University and beyond related to diversity issues. If any of the links below are broken, please do let me know as soon as possible. Similarly, if you know of any resources which you would find useful to be displayed on this page, please just send me an email.

General Information

The University Equality and Diversity Unit is an excellent first port of call for information on support and resources on a range of diversity issues for a wide spectrum of communities within the university (http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/eop/).

Similarly, Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) employs a sabbatical officer who is in charge of promoting equal opportunities and advising students on a confidential basis on issues related to equal opportunities. See www.ousu.org for more information or contact the VP (Welfare and Equal Opportunities) at welfare@ousu.org.

Within College, the Welfare Dean Emma Percy (emma.percy@trinity.ox.ac.uk) is responsible for coordinating Welfare provisions within the College and also has responsibility for pastoral support for issues relating to diversity. The Junior Deans are also available to talk to at any time if you have any concerns or questions.

Information for specific groups


International students

The Trinity MCR English as Second Language (ESL) representative is Marc Szabo (marc.szabo@trinity.ox.ac.uk)

Students from Ethnic Minorities

LGBTQ students


The College Chaplain, Emma Percy, is available to speak to all students from all faiths or none. Emma has information and contacts within the University for all the major world faiths to ensure all students are able to worship whilst at Oxford. (emma.percy@trinity.ox.ac.uk)

Students with Disabilities

The Welfare Dean, Emma Percy is responsible for coordinating provision for students with disabilities within College (emma.percy@trinity.ox.ac.uk). If you have any special requirements which relate to your academic work or other aspects of College life, please do contact the Senior Tutor, Valerie Worth via e-mail (valerie.worth@trinity.ox.ac.uk)