Women in Science Day

On Monday 13 April Trinity hosted its first ‘Women in Science Day’ for female Year 12 pupils interested in studying STEM subjects at university, in collaboration with Jesus College.

Over seventy applications were received from twenty different schools in Trinity’s and Jesus’ link regions of Oxfordshire, Lambeth, Wandsworth, Cardiff and Aberystwyth, before inviting sixty students to attend.

The students received an introduction to Science at Oxford from Dr Beth Mortimer, Access Fellow at Jesus College, before attending lectures on either Biochemistry & Chemistry or Physics & Computer Science. After lunch in the dining hall, pupils were given tours of the colleges, followed by a Q&A session with current female science undergraduates, with questions ranging from how to write a good personal statement, to whether Oxford students really had time to fit in sleeping and socialising around their studies!

In the afternoon pupils were able to attend seminars on a wide range of subjects including Biochemistry and Materials Science, which built on pre-reading they had received in advance of the day. These seminars aimed to give a real taste of university learning, with classes of no more than ten pupils.

Finally, pupils attended a talk on the admissions process from Ellie Rendle, Trinity’s Access & Admissions Officer, before taking home as many different prospectuses as they could carry!

Comments from some of those who attended

“I’m more confident about my choice to apply for Biology at university because the seminar was very interesting”
“I was thinking of studying Engineering but I wasn’t sure because I didn’t really know what it would be like. I really liked the seminar and am now really committed to Engineering.”
“The day has encouraged me to apply to Oxford after learning about the colleges and the admissions process.”
“I wasn’t originally sure if I wanted to apply to Oxford but today I really got a feel – it is a nice place to be!”
“After the lecture on cyber security, I am now considering [applying for] Computer Science”
“The seminars were really enjoyable – it was the first time I’ve found out what tutorials involve.”
“[The day] confirmed that I want to study Physics at Oxford specifically.”

 Posted: 20 April 2015