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No single thought goes unchallenged in my tutorials or essays. Your ability is persistently being stretched further and I really enjoy that – Hannah, Philosophy and Theology

Trinity welcomes applications for both Theology and Religion and for Philosophy and Theology. These are both three-year courses. The syllabus for both courses is the same at every College. The University Faculties of Theology and of Philosophy organise lectures,and some language classes (for Theology and Religion). The College organises the small-group teaching (tutorials or classes), so your College tutors play a key role in your course.

The study of Theology and Religion or of Philosophy and Theology raises questions and issues which have long been at the heart of intellectual enquiry and profoundly shaped human culture across the globe. The courses attract students who are interested in how religion has influenced culture right up to the present; the development of the world religions’ sacred texts, practices and ideologies; and philosophical questions raised by the possibility of the existence of God.

The courses in Theology and Religion or Philosophy and Theology both encourage students to explore themes and ideas within the major world religions from a range of disciplinary perspectives. Students in Theology and Religion will have the opportunity to learn a scriptural language (Biblical Hebrew, New Testament Greek, Arabic, Pali or Sanskrit) in their first year, alongside a wide choice of introductory papers.

Our 2018 freshers in Philosophy & Theology and Theology & Religion in their first week at Trinity

Students studying Philosophy and Theology take an Introduction to Philosophy paper. In their second and third years, students can study papers which cover a broad spectrum of themes, issues and chronological periods within all of the major world religions. For more information on the structure of the course, see the Theology and Religion Faculty website. Theology and Religion and Philosophy and Theology are well-established subject at Trinity, and our students regularly obtain excellent results. Our Tutorial Fellow in Theology, Professor Johannes Zachhuber has research interests spanning secularisation, religion and politics, and the theology and philosophy of late antiquity and modernity. Our Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy, Dr Anil Gomes, works on Immanuel Kant, a central figure in modern philosophy. Theology and Philosophy at Trinity also attracts an active postgraduate community.

Students studying Philosophy and Theology will have some of their philosophy classes with students taking Philosophy in other course combinations. We have more than 30 undergradaute students studying Philosophy as part of their course at Trinity. Theology and Religion and Philosophy and Theology at Trinity offer students a stimulating and supportive environment for intellectual development. The skills developed by students throughout their course are very attractive to employers, and recent graduates have gone on to careers in law, the arts, and marketing as well as further academic research.


A fragment of Codex Sinaiticus, the oldest complete copy of the New Testament

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