English Language and Literature is a three-year course. The syllabus is the same at every College. The English Faculty organises lectures and some specialist classes in the final year while the College organises the small-group teaching (in tutorials or classes), especially in the first and second years. Your College tutors play a key role in your course.

Trinity has the great advantage of having three tutors who are specialists in each of the periods of Medieval, Early Modern and Victorian English literature, so that students can develop their knowledge of familiar authors and discover new topics with experts. For example, as well as studying some of the main 19th- and 20th-century authors, first-year students at Trinity learn Old English in language classes, which allows them to access Beowulf in the original language.

While the course covers literature written in English right up until the present day, students can also choose to focus on earlier English and other medieval European languages and literatures. More information about the academic content of the course is given on the Faculty’s website. By the final year, our students have typically developed a very wide range of specialist interests, with recent examples of dissertation topics including medieval literary theory, the representation of gypsies in nineteenth-century literature, and Vorticist poetry.


Trinity also welcomes applications to study English in combination with either Classics or Modern Languages.

The course is taught through a combination of tutorials and classes at Trinity, with lectures held in the English Faculty for the whole year-group across the University. Our tutors are always keen to receive applications from students who enjoy reading widely, analytically, and thoughtfully.

Our 2018 freshers in English and joint schools during their first week at Trinity


Organising Tutor

Dr Kantik Ghosh is the Organising Tutor for the undergraduate course in English at Trinity College.

At Trinity I was taught by world-leading specialists.

Richard, English undergraduate

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