Engineering Science

In college tutorials, engineering ‘problems’ are covered in detail, which allows students to develop a good understanding of the course material.

Engineering is a four-year course. The syllabus is the same at every College. The University Department organises lectures and lab-based practicals; the College organises the small-group teaching (tutorials or classes), so your College tutors play a key role in your course. Our tutors welcome applications from students with strong skills in mathematics and physics, and who are prepared for a demanding but rewarding schedule of work, both independently and as part of a group.

Students studying for an MEng degree in Engineering Science will typically have two tutorials a week with College tutors and attend lectures and laboratories in the Department of Engineering Science. Specialisation in one of the main branches of engineering begins in the third year of the course and in the final year students undertake a research project. Throughout the course tutors monitor academic progress to ensure students consolidate their learning and achieve excellent results in their university examinations.

SSTS 030

Steve Sheard leads an Engineering tutorial

Our 2018 Engineering freshers in their first week at Trinity

All our tutors are research scientists, who spend part of their week leading groups working in their laboratories. Steve Sheard has research interests in the general area of optoelectronics with an emphasis on laser devices, biomedical instrumentation and optical sensors. Other interests include holography, fibre optic communications and novel electronic materials. Alexander Korsunsky is involved in the study of deformation and strength of advanced materials and composites, and the mechanics of contacts, fracture and fatigue. He uses neutron and synchrotron X-ray beams for the measurement of strains in structural materials and components used in the aerospace industry.

Trinity is located a 10 minute walk away from the Department of Engineering.

Organising Tutor

Professor Steve Sheard is the Organising Tutor for the undergraduate course in Engineering Science at Trinity College.

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Trinity and the Engineering Department

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