Economics & Management

Our Economics and Management students usually take up internships in businesses in their summer vacations, and receive very competitive job offers from leading firms on graduation.


Economics and Management is a three-year course. The syllabus is the same at every College. The University Departments organise lectures and classes for specialist options; the College organises the small-group teaching (tutorials or classes), so your College tutors play a key role in your course. Our tutors are looking for students with strong mathematical and problem-solving abilities, who are prepared to read extensively and work both independently and as part of groups.

First-year students at Trinity in Economics and Management typically have two tutorials a week with their tutors, in small groups of two or three. The students prepare problem sheets or essays in advance, and the tutorials are a forum for lively debate. In the second year tuition in the core papers in Economics is provided by the College tutors, with tuition in Management organised by the Said Business School. In the third year, students choose optional subjects, organised at university level. Tutors arrange for students to sit practice exams at the beginning of most terms to consolidate the preceding term’s work and to prepare for university examinations.

Trinity has a team of five tutors in Economics, led by Andrea Ferrero. The Lecturer for Management is Duncan Robertson. Many of our tutors have worked in the outside world (banking, business, management) before returning to university teaching.

Our 2018 Economics & Management freshers in their first week at Trinity

The college is almost exactly halfway between the Said Business School and the Economics Department, and extremely close to the Bodleian library.


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