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Computer Science at Oxford


Our College cat, Artemis, looks forward to meeting more fellow computer-lovers!

The BA or Masters in Computer Science are three-year or four-year degree courses. Both courses are about understanding computer systems and networks at a deep level. Students decide in the summer before their third year whether they are going to stay for one more year (the BA) or two more years (the Masters).

Through the course students will attend departmental lectures, practical laboratory sessions and tutorials. In tutorials, which are organised by the College, two or three students meet with a tutor for intensive study to follow up the students’ independent work on assignments set in advance.  For an outline of a typical week for a Computer Science student, see the guide on the departmental website. Details of the content and assessment patterns of each year of the course are available here.

Research and Employment
The BA or Masters in Computer Science provide strong foundations for those wishing to develop a career in research and opportunities to develop the necessary practical skills, both through scheduled practical classes and group and individual projects. The knowledge and skills acquired through both degrees are also highly valued by a very wide range of employers worldwide.

Computer Science at Trinity
Trinity College has a strong tradition in the research field of Computer Science and is regularly home to postgraduates in the Computer Science department. In particular, the Professorial Chair in Computing Systems is based at Trinity, which means Professor Marta Kwiatkowska is a Professorial Fellow of the College. For details of Professor Kwiatkowska’s work, click here. Our Senior Research Fellow Professor Janet Pierrehumbert works on the intersection between computer science and linguistics.  In October 2019, we welcomed our first undergraduates in Computer Science at Trinity; they joined a thriving community of students and academics with a shared passion for computer science.