Student Profiles

Why did you choose your subject? How did you come to choose Trinity College? And what are the good (and less good) things about undergraduate life at Oxford?

Here are the answers from some of our undergraduates!


"Oxford is what we each make of it. All students receive ample opportunities and equal exposure, and I am still trying to wrap my head around them!"


"The tutors I’ve had have been really supportive of me throughout my degree and their passion for the subject has been contagious."


"Whilst the prospect of being in a group of 2-3 students, discussing the latest problem sheet with an expert on the subject may have seemed scary at first, now these tutorials are without doubt my favourite part of my studies."


"It is often said that Chemistry is the central science, and the course here at Oxford certainly reflects that."


'Every week you get plenty of emails telling you what’s going on around town and the university: from competitions and exhibitions to live music and lectures from world famous academics. There truly is never a dull moment in Oxford (so long as you check your mailbox).'


'It’s difficult to pick the best bit about being at Trinity but, for me, it really is all about location, location, location. It is so central that anything beyond a five minute walk is rare. The food is another major draw, with weekly “Steak and Brie” nights in Hall being packed out regularly!'


'Trinity had caught my eye on the Open Day as one of the most beautiful and best located colleges but its welcoming and incredibly friendly atmosphere really sealed the deal for me.'


'Oxford only takes up one space of five on your UCAS application and I’d say it’s definitely worth taking a chance on. You might surprise yourself, I certainly did!'


'I visited Trinity on an open day, when I met one of the Biochemistry tutors. He took the time to show me and the other prospective students around and answer our questions, which made a lasting impression and was ultimately the reason I chose to apply to Trinity.'


'I surprised myself that my biggest extra-curricular activity is singing in Trinity’s Chapel Choir. It’s non-auditioning and I’d never sung before, so I gave it a go and I love it! I’ve learnt so much and formed some great friends from it. Last year we went on tour to Budapest which was amazing, as well as recording a CD - something I never dreamed of doing before Oxford!'


'The best thing about Oxford is the tutorial system. I don't know how I can emphasize the value of a tutorial, when you can get a two-on-one, face-to-face discussion with a really famous academic in the subject that you are studying.'


'The best thing about being a student at Oxford is the feeling that you’re getting the best preparation for your future, through the way we learn, all the great people that you meet, and through the different events that societies run.'


'I’ve had such a great time at Oxford so far – there are so many opportunities available, both academic and non-academic. I strongly encourage anyone even slightly interested in Oxford to apply, and I definitely recommend applying to Trinity as I couldn’t ask for a better home away from home.'


'It’s too hard to choose one thing which I have enjoyed the most about being at Oxford. I’ve met people I know I’ll stay friends with for life and had the most amazing experiences.'


'There are so many good things about being at Trinity, I can’t list them all! Everyone in this college is friendly. I don’t just mean the students - all the academic and non-academic staff who work in the college are simply the loveliest people I have ever met!'


'The best thing about Trinity is probably the porters. They’re just so lovely! They staff the lodge by the main entrance, and are always up for a chat or just to say hi as you go off to a lecture. Plus they’re incredibly helpful (even if you lock yourself out of your room twice in one day..).'


'I wasn't able to attend any open days as I was living overseas, so I applied to Trinity after hours trawling college web pages. I liked the sound of the amazing food, and the fact that Trinity offers accommodation for all four years.'