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For prospective undergraduate applicants:

Click here for a virtual open day experience that includes a college tour and more information about life at Trinity!

We hope you are looking forward to Oxford’s Virtual Open Days on 1st and 2nd July and 18th September! If you would like to attend our open days, please register for them here. Registering is not essential, it just means that we have an idea of who is attending and can send you important information on the run up to the days.

The virtual Open Days will give you an opportunity to get a feel for the University as a whole, find out about courses in your subject and meet college tutors and current students through a series of online events, Q&A sessions and videos. One of the benefits of a virtual offering is that you can attend numerous days to experience as much of the university as you would like.

Some advice for tackling the Open Days:

There will be lots of events going on across the central university, the subject departments and the colleges on the Open Days and it can easy to get a little lost. We want to ensure that you see all the bits that are most relevant for you so here is our recommendation for how to tackle the day(s).

We recommend that you look at our timetable in advance and highlight the events you would like to attend. Make sure they don’t clash! Once you have done this, you will have a clear idea of your personal timetable for the day. Generally, it is best to attend the central university events and the department events before you look at the colleges. This is so you have a good idea of the University as a whole and your course before moving on to looking at where you might want to live. Remember, the Open Days will run exactly the same on each day so if you miss anything on the first day, you can always return on the second or in September to catch it!

Step 1: Look at the central university’s events and pick out any that you would find useful. You may wish for example, to learn more about admissions, financial support or the University’s societies.

Step 2: Have a look at what your subject department is running during the day and choose what you’d like to take advantage of. Your course is your most important decision and the course is the same at every college. If you have questions about how your course will run, your department is your first port of call!

Step 3: Check out the colleges! Colleges provide your tutorial teaching (not lectures or seminars), accommodation, meals, common rooms, low-level sports and music groups and social facilities. They also provide pastoral care for you so if you have any problems at all while you’re at Oxford, there is a member of staff at your college who can help you. The colleges all have the same job so the only differences between them are practical. You do not have to state a college preference when you apply but you can if you’d like to. When choosing a college to apply to, we recommend that you choose according to your preferences in the following criteria:

  • Courses- Not all colleges offer all courses so make sure that you only look at colleges that offer your course.
  • Size and age- some colleges are old and some much more modern, some are very big in terms of their site and their student population, others are much smaller, which would you prefer?
  • Location- would you like a college that is close to the city center or to your department or to the sports facilities, for example?
  • Accommodation- some colleges offer accommodation for all the years of your degree, others can only offer for some years. Similarly, some accommodation is on the main college site and some of it is off-site, depending on the college and their space.
  • Facilities- the facilities differ depending on the college. Some have a gym, some have a college bar, for example. They also have different college societies e.g. a football team, drama group or music group. These societies are smaller than the central University societies and tend to be more social and laid back. They are open to college-members only and in sports, they often compete with other colleges.

Once you have decided your preferences in these criteria, you should make a shortlist of colleges that fit them. Use the college section of the University’s prospectus alongside the college websites, to find out about each college. If you’d like a quick way to initial narrow down your search, you could use the Oxford Student Union’s how to choose a college page. This allows you to filter colleges according to your criteria. It is a little out of date now though so always check the website for the most up to date information.

Once you have a shortlist, you can then look at what those colleges have available on the Open Days. For most colleges, you will have opportunities to ask questions of the students, tutors and staff alongside learning about what the college looks and feels like.

Trinity’s Open Day Schedule:

Time Our events
9:00-18:00 The ‘Meet our students’ page will contain a video where members of the college community have answered the question, why should I apply to Trinity College? There will also be an accessible room tour video, created by Tiri, now a second year studying Medicine.

Alongside this, we will have an army of students ready and waiting to answer any questions you have in our student Q&A. this will run all day, you can enter at any time and scroll up to see what questions and answers we’ve had so far.

12:00-17:00 The ‘Meet our tutors in Humanities and the Social Sciences’ page will contain a video in which Trinity tutors explain what a tutorial is. Alongside this, there will be subject-specific tutor Q&As running from 12:00-17:00. Tutors will be joined by some students to answer any questions you have about studying at Trinity. To see what time your subject Q&A is, please see the timetable below.
12:00-17:00 The ‘Meet our tutors in Mathematical, Physical & Life and Medical Sciences’ page will contain a video in which Trinity tutors explain what a tutorial is. Alongside this, there will be subject-specific tutor Q&As from 12:00-17:00. Tutors will be joined by some students to answer any questions you have about studying at Trinity. To see what time your subject Q&A is, please see the timetable below.
10:00-18:00 The ‘Meet the Access and Admissions Team’ page will contain a video showing the support available to students at Trinity. There will also be a staff Q&A running from 10:00-18:00. If you have any practical questions about admissions, the financial support available or anything else, we’re hear to help!


Meet our tutors in Humanities and Social Sciences Meet our tutors in Mathematical, Physical & Life and Medical Sciences
12:00 Law Chemistry
12:30 Modern Languages Biochemistry
13:00 History Medicine
13:30 H&P Biomedical Sciences
14:00 E&M Maths
14:30 PPE Physics
15:00 Philosophy Engineering
15:30 Theology Materials
16:00 Classics
16:30 English

We’re really looking forward to welcoming you (virtually!) to the Open Days. In the meantime, you can start to get a feel for our college and the University by having a look at some of our resources for prospective applicants below:

Our Unofficial Prospectus, written by current Trinity College students

Trinity College Unofficial Prospectus

Our college YouTube channel videos for prospective applicants and those supporting them

The main channel can be found here: Trinity College on YouTube

Why apply to Trinity College? Learn more about college life at Trinity:

Will I fit in at Trinity? Find out about how life at Trinity makes everyone feel part of our community.

Oxford University Official Video Guides to undergraduate study at Oxford

Part 1: What student life here is really like

Part 2: How to apply to Oxford

Part 3: Ways you can prepare


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