Jardine Scholarships for undergraduates

Trinity is one of the four Colleges at Oxford to which the Jardine Foundation may offer Scholarships for undergraduate studies. (The Jardine Foundation is an educational trust established in 1982 by the Jardine Matheson Group.) Scholars come from countries and territories in which the Jardine Matheson Group operates, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Applicants who are eligible and wish to be considered for a Jardine Foundation scholarship need to apply to Oxford in the normal way, through UCAS, by 15th October, selecting Trinity or one of the other preferred Jardine Colleges. In addition, they must also complete the separate application form of the Jardine Foundation.

Please note that, after applications are submitted, the admissions process for Oxford University is conducted entirely independently of the Jardine Scholarship process. Applicants for a Jardine Scholarship will need to satisfy the same exacting standard for entry to Oxford as all other applicants. It is also quite possible that an applicant may be offered a place at Oxford but not be awarded a Jardine Scholarship, since the Jardine Foundation specifies additional criteria for selection for its scholarships.

Trinity has been pleased to host a number of Jardine scholars over recent years, reading subjects including Engineering, Material Sciences, Law and History & Politics.