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We welcome applications to Trinity College from prospective students from all backgrounds. Applications to Trinity College Oxford for undergraduate degrees, including from applicants already holding a first undergraduate degree, must be made through UCAS .

The formal application process is the same whether you are applying to Trinity or any other undergraduate college at Oxford. Detailed information on specific requirements and the timeline for applications are given on the University of Oxford undergraduate admissions website  Once you have submitted your UCAS application, some subjects require you to complete written tests. (Subjects differ in the details of their admissions procedures, so check for your subject.) Information on pre-interview tests and the submission of written work is given on the University’s website entry. Our page on
Interviews Unlocked is a must-read. It explains what you can expect from the process and busts some common interviews myths!

What’s life like as a Trinity undergraduate?

We asked some of our recent and current undergraduates to give you their honest views. Have a look at what they say here! As you’ll see, there’s no such thing as a Trinity stereotype – our college community is made up of a huge variety of people, all with their own interests, study routines, ways of relaxing. Above all, though, it’s a very friendly place. Our tutors are world experts in their own fields: they are also very committed to teaching undergraduates, and to helping each student enjoy their Oxford course and achieve their best potential. To find out more about our tutors, visit the profiles section of the website for the Fellows and Lecturers.

The best time for prospective applicants to visit Trinity is on one of our Open Days.

The best time for prospective applicants to visit Trinity is on one of our Open Days.

You’ll probably want to know more about what the accommodation is like – available for all three or four years of your course – and the food (very popular!), and the other amenities on site. And we’re located in the very centre of the city, only a short distance from lectures, labs, libraries, shops, cinemas, etc – but with the huge bonus of beautiful lawns for students to enjoy when they have some free time in the summer!

International Admissions

Like the whole of Oxford University, Trinity has a long and successful history of accepting highly-talented undergraduate students from all over the world. International students play a very active role in the academic and social life of the college. They value the chance to join an international high-achieving community, with numerous opportunities to follow their interests within Trinity, as well as within the university as a whole. An excellent standard of education, and a very high level of competence in formal English is an essential prerequisite for gaining a place on any course at Trinity. For a detailed list of international qualifications which are accepted, please see  international qualifications.  For details on fees, please see the University’s information here. For further information about applying and studying as an international student at Oxford, see the University’s guidance.

Trinity is one of the colleges which may accept Jardine Scholars: click here for details on eligibility and how to apply for a Jardine Scholarship.


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